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Historical Periods and Feminist Stylistics - Coursework Example

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The aim of the paper “Historical Periods and Feminist Stylistics” is to evaluate feministic stylistics, which came into the fore with the emergence of feminism. They focus on the unique ways that women and men use language. It also refers to the examination of literary texts…
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Historical Periods and Feminist Stylistics
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Download file to see previous pages However, the rise of women to power did not take place in an impulse. It happened in stages, and this stage-by-stage change may have been reflected in the literature (as a mouthpiece for context, society) across these periods. Language stylistics is the product and/or evidence of this evolution of language. This paper analyses this accompanying reflective evolution of language stylistics based on three texts from three periods: Shakespeare’s Macbeth from the renaissance and reformation period; Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility from the romantic period; and Hume Sotomi’s The General’s Wife from the post-modernist period. This analysis will cut across the three levels of language: the word (vocabulary); the phrase or sentence; and the discourse.
Renaissance and Reformation Period: Grammatical Possession in Shakespeare’s Macbeth
While the aspects of feminist stylistics may have to do with the evolution of feminist movement, the fact that it focuses more on female writers makes it only natural that the feminine voice should be pronounced in their works, feminist movement or not. But in the broader discussion on the evolution of feminism, to give voice solely to the women would not be fair. A male voice is equally important, at least for balance’s sake. Besides, the feminine voice is only identifiable vis-à-vis the masculine voice. But most importantly, men have also been part of the feminist movement. The plan is to find how this is exemplified in language. Shakespeare is a suitable candidate. Not only because he is male. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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