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Methods And Toolbox For Historical Studies - Essay Example

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The writer of the paper "Methods And Toolbox For Historical Studies" focuses on the tools for conducting Historical Research based on Primary and Secondary tools and also throws light on key social issues of women and labor oppression in Historical Perspective…
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Methods And Toolbox For Historical Studies
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Extract of sample "Methods And Toolbox For Historical Studies"

Download file to see previous pages Non-written sources contain articles like maps, artifacts, genetic and statistical data. (Williams, 56) The social significance of a historical inquiry rests on configuring the future based on past ideas, and events. Further, Historians are found to make the continuous revision on describing the past events in the light of contemporary ideas. (Williams, 114) In the light of the above context, it is found that history is more popular and accepted when it is more relevant to the society and presented from a neutral point of view.
The historical documentation is a process, which takes into account primary and secondary sources. In regards to the treatment given to the Jews at the time of the Second World War, both Primary and Secondary sources are mentioned. In the case of Primary sources, the Wannsee Protocol written by Adolf Eichmann in 1942 states that Jews were utilized for the purpose of labor in a quest for allocating the huge numbers. It further states that the protocol hinted at subjecting the Jews to heavy human labor like the building of roads. It aimed at a reduction in the numbers owing to the natural effect of inhuman labor. Eichmann further states that the Jews who would succumb to the heavy workloads and inhuman treatment will be granted “suitable treatment”. To this end, the secondary source a book written by Michael Shermer and Alex Grobman, Denying History argues on the second point presented by Eichmann. They argue stating that the Jews were deported to the East for subjecting them to inhuman labor. They further state that Eichmann’s statement of “suitable treatment” certainly signifies assassination of the Jews. They argue stating that Jews who would succumb to the inhuman labor and given “suitable treatment” justly signifies a chance of Jewish survival and revival. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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