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Historical Significance of Petone Labour Hall - Case Study Example

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This paper "Historical Significance of Petone Labour Hall" shows the continued importance of the building and identity to the community heritage despite its conversion into mainly a cinema hall. However, the repairs, alterations and exterior modifications protected the heritage values of the hall…
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Historical Significance of Petone Labour Hall
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Extract of sample "Historical Significance of Petone Labour Hall"

Download file to see previous pages Under the severance, Petone Labour Hall is identified by the Map Number B5 on location 52 Bay Street, formally referred to as Petone Labour Hall and the legal description is Lot 70 DP 51. The building was constructed using bricks and reinforced with concrete. It comprises a large hall, a stage and a smaller lecture room located at the back. The Light House that is run in partnership with Upper Hut’s luxury 40-seat art house cinema has two theatres where unlike other theatres popcorn is prohibited (Leach et al The special features in the Lighthouse include the proposed insulation controls sound effects. The Light House is designed to screen movies that appeal to a larger and wider audience than those in the big chain multiplexes. Alongside the two theatres, there are licensed coffee shops. The building was used mainly for entertainment purposes and now that it is a cinema hall, it does not mean it serves a different purpose. However, this preserved the building’s heritage value and also restored its role as a community entertainment center (Leach and Moulis The new face of the building has different accessibility levels from the ground, as well as, the ticketing area and the coffee shops. There are five cinemas access levels from the ground and in every level, there are seats set aside for people with disabilities. For example, there is a hearing loop for sound transmits directly to the hearing aid for individuals with hearing impairments. It also has an infrared system that consists of a listening receiver and a transmitter. This feeds sound into the transmitter then to the individual as invisible infrared light to the headphones. The historical significance of this hall is upheld to-date. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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