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Benefits of mobile applications in hospitality indusrty - Essay Example

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Advances in technology have been revolutionizing most human activities in different ways, with many people relying on them to enhance their services and performance. Communication has become a very easy and simple thing to do, compared to many decades ago when the telephone…
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Benefits of mobile applications in hospitality indusrty
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Extract of sample "Benefits of mobile applications in hospitality indusrty"

Download file to see previous pages in the service industry have a duty to identify the major resources that can help them generate competitive advantages in the course of their operations. Additionally, they have to be in a better position access these resources and capitalize on them effectively in the process of improving the performance of their businesses while being competitive in the industry. The type and relevance of resources changes from one company to another and may also rely on the factors present in the business’ external environment.
So far, it is evident that some of the old resources used by companies in the past like personal contacts and offering low prices are fast losing their effectiveness as competitive advantages. These resources are being replaced by branding and quality as some companies have adopted them (Tsai, Song & Wong, 2009). Most companies, not only in the hospitality industry, have been researching and trying on new technologies in order to improve their competitiveness and enhance the quality of their products and services. When companies are developing these new technologies, they ensure that they set new policies and regulations to guide the use and application of these technologies in their business operations.
One of the newly found competitive advantages for business and in the hospitality industry is dependence on information and technology. Information technology like the internet and mobile technology have become relatively new and significant sources of competitive advantages to firms. These technologies are very different from the previous strategies that some companies have relied on to enhance their operations and service delivery.
Interestingly, most of the recent conventional researches and studies have not effectively portrayed information technology to be a significant factor that can enhance the success and excellence in companies’ performance (Praničević, Alfirević, & Štemberger, 2011). Additionally, some recent studies have argued ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Benefits of Mobile Applications in Hospitality Indusrty Essay.
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