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Technology and the Future of the Hotel Industry - Research Paper Example

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Hotel operations are affected by technology in a myriad of ways, which can only mean that such operations do not work properly without the help of technology (Walker and Miller, 2012). Information technology infrastructure includes: its hardware: software purchasing and…
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Technology and the Future of the Hotel Industry
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Extract of sample "Technology and the Future of the Hotel Industry"

Download file to see previous pages In the last decade, Information Technology did change the lodging industrys plans, controls, and manages operations. The growing demands in the hotel industry are very many the demands are largely brought about by globalization, increased security threats and needed for controls in business (Solomon, 2008).
The hotel industry is starting to use kiosks and self-service technologies to change the hotel industry (Solomon, 2008). Through globalization, technology has had great impacts on the hospitality industry several ways: organizational culture, management styles and organizational structure. These three ways shape up how an organization is set up from its decision-making offices to the operations department (Solomon, 2008). This paper, therefore, seeks to draw important regions upon which technology influences the hotel industry. Proper insight will focus mainly on operations, and customer experiences and relations in the hotel environment. It is a report and not a research paper as it may seem to appear.
Hotel industry is affected by various issues regarding security from a global to a local perspective respectively. The ability to assure a tourist that, they are safe in a given destination can mean a lot to the proprietors of a given hotel business line (Solomon, 2008). Security threats have made the industry suffer several setbacks that can only translate into losses worth billions of dollars (Kasavana and Cahill, 2003). Travel bans are offered to countries with such security issues, and they incur up to millions of dollars in losses, which can only mean that even the internal operations of such a countrys hotel is affected. Back at home, when the hotel is prone to high instances of theft, and robbery consumers of their products feel more paranoid to visit such establishment (Kasavana and Cahill, 2003). It can only mean that such organizations are closed, and jobs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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