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How can technology bu used to improve hotel and restaurant operations(operations management for thr hospitality industry) - Essay Example

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Hospitality industry players like hotels and restaurants have been affected by the advancement of technology in the administrative and management tasks. Service design and hence, customer experience are also enhanced using modern technology. Service quality can be improved by…
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How can technology bu used to improve hotel and restaurant operations(operations management for thr hospitality industry)
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Extract of sample "How can technology bu used to improve hotel and restaurant operations(operations management for thr hospitality industry)"

Download file to see previous pages Technological innovation has transformed every field of business today and the hospitality industry is no exception to the rule. In the past ten years, the improvement of technology has not only helped the global hospitality enterprises to grow rapidly, but also guided the consumer attitudes and consumer behavior. Therefore, the overall volume of the hospitality industry was promoted from quantity to qualitative. The modernized hotel collects the guest rooms, food and beverage, communication, amusement, commercial culture and other various kinds of services and facilities – it is an integrated consumption place. The hotel needs organization on a large scale as there are many there are many service items. Additionally, the amount of information that flows into a hotel everyday – like every modern organization – is large. If a hotel wants to improve labor produce, lower costs, improve the service quality and management level and promote the economic benefits of the organization, it must carry on the modernized information management through the computer.
As we entered the Internet era, the sustainable development of the information and communication technologies is having a profound impact of the hotel industry. In 1963, Hilton Hotel of the United States installed a small IBM computer for the automatic managing of hotel rooms. This marked the beginning of using modern information technology in the hospitality area. As Law & Jogaratnam (2005) report, ‘with the increasing demand for intensive information from customers and hotel practitioners, hotels have adopted computer-based IT facilities to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance service quality’. With the use of IT in their businesses, hotel managers expect that their profit margins and financial returns will increase. IT starts and ends with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Can Technology Bu Used to Improve Hotel and Restaurant Essay.
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