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A critical assessment of the implementation issues surrounding the introduction of H20 as a potential energy source within the hospitality sector - Essay Example

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Firstly, we have to recognize anthropogenic global warming and conventional science as pointed out by the United Nationals Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change (UN-IPCC)…
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A critical assessment of the implementation issues surrounding the introduction of H20 as a potential energy source within the hospitality sector
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Extract of sample "A critical assessment of the implementation issues surrounding the introduction of H20 as a potential energy source within the hospitality sector"

Download file to see previous pages Recognizing this, the government of the United Kingdom has a basic policy aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions [Ren21 2008: 30]. Carbon emissions from vehicles and fossil energy are believed to be the primary cause of anthropogenic global warming.
"Renewable energy offers our planet a chance to reduce carbon emission, clean the air, and put our civilization on a more sustainable footing. It also offers countries around the world the chance to improve their energy security and spur economic development."
Mikhani [2008] has shown that we do not need nuclear nor fossil energy to sustain the worlds economies. According to Mikhani [2008: 133], an electricity grid can derive power from solar photovoltaics (as much as 35%), biomass (as much as 25%), wind energy (as much as 15%), and the rest from hydropower and related energy sources. Mikhani [2008] pointed out that renewable sources are cheaper (p. 133).
Hotels and motels spend about $2,196 per room on energy that represents 6% of their operating costs [EPA 2007: 2]. Hotels and motels mainly use energy from electricity and natural gas [EPA 2007: 2]. Utilization of two sources of energy is as follow [EPA 2007: 2]:
Citing the experience of European hotels and motels, Hendrikx [2008: 5] reported that 40% of the energy used by hotels is obtained from electricity. Hendrikx also reported that 31% of hotel/motel energy requirements are used for space heating, 17% for heating tap water, 15% for cooling, 12% for lighting, 5% for cooking, and the rest for miscellaneous use (p. 6). In contrast, however, 45% of electricity is used for lighting alone (p. 6).
Thus, the hotel/motel industry is a potential large-scale user of energy from water. At the same time, the industry can be a beneficiary in the shift to renewable energy so long as renewable energy is cheap as per the claim of Mikhani [2008].
In its latest report available, Ren21 [2008: 6] revealed that, worldwide, electricity ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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