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Important of academic skills for tourism students - Essay Example

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This is because service industries do not require too much investment like the manufacturing sector. Service industries mainly require a lot of manpower that is…
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Important of academic skills for tourism students
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Extract of sample "Important of academic skills for tourism students"

Download file to see previous pages The main academic skills that help tourism students to get employed and advance in their careers faster include managerial, communication, language, customer service, business, and socialization (Page, & Connell, 2010). This paper will analyze the usefulness of these academic skills in shaping the future career of tourism students.
Tourism students must have efficient communication skills for them to be employed in the sector. This is because communication is the main instrument that unites the supply and demand sides in the sector (Bobanovic, & Grzinic, 2011). This is because the supply and demand sides are made up of individuals who must interact successfully for them to achieve equilibrium. However, since the supply side is the one that provides services to the demand side, it means that suppliers in this industry need to be able to communicate with any individual who demands their services. The main factors involved in communication in the industry include language, correct pronunciation of words, and courtesy when speaking to the client (O’Shannessy, Minett, & Hyde, 2002). Since individuals may not be able to acquire these skills without training, it means they have to study them in school where there are tutors who teach them how to pronounce words correctly and be courteous.
A major element that is involved in communication is language because it is the main uniting factor between suppliers and their clients. Tourism students need to study English language because it is the most common international language in the twenty first century (Bobanovic, & Grzinic, 2011). Numerous countries in the world have chosen to make English a national language because it helps them to interact with other English-speaking nations. Therefore, since tourism is the main way in which the countries interact, the service providers who are previously students should study the language while in school. This is because studying the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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