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The essay «Academic Skills of Essays and Report Writing” focuses on the role of the ability to create a properly structured essay or report. A student possessing the skills of collecting and analyzing data will have an undoubted advantage over those fellow students who do not possess these skills. …
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Academic Skills of Essays and Report Writing
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Download file to see previous pages This paper provides an in-depth discussion on the possibility of academic skills in report writing and essays increasing one’s employability and making them more competitive in the global market.
Apart from being knowledgeable, many employers will always want people with critical thinking abilities. In fact, some employers will even prefer critical thinkers to knowledgeable employees. Due to the fact that writing reports and essays usually involve critical thinking one’s critical thinking abilities are always improved in the process.  Critical thinking can be defined as a reflective and purposeful analysis, which leads to conclusions that had not been reached before.  One reason as to why report and essay writing can be said to enhance critical thinking is the fact that through such processes students usually interact with different perspectives. This makes them able to view situations from various perspectives. Having numerous perspectives will mean that you are able to give more than one possible solutions to issues in the field.
Some people might have some concept, but fail to present the concept in a manner that it will be easily understood. No employer will be willing to employ an employee who does not know how to present his or her information in a manner that is clear and easily understandable. This is the reason as to why report and essay writing can be of importance in increasing one’s employability.  When one is involved in the essay and report writing processes one will definitely be in a position to know how to present concepts in a manner that they can easily make sense. If one is not able to present concepts and ideas in a way that some meaning can be deduced from them, then the concepts and ideas are as good as non-existent. This is because it would not be of any help to the organization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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