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Name Tutor Course Date University International Tourism Question # 1 Tourism planning entails the promotion of tourism through strong tourism development approaches. This is essential for the achievement of successful tourism management and development. Planning focuses on changing regulations in a system so as to promote orderly developments in tourism…
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International Tourism
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Download file to see previous pages Natural and cultural resources are viewed as exploitable resources while the industry is viewed as an expert, and development is defined in business terms. The problem in planning sets in with the number of tourists attracted and accommodated. This problem affects the hosts since they have to overcome the problem since they have to be good to the tourists. In this model of planning, planning and demand forecasting methods include; advertising, growth targets, and promotion. According to the policy of boosterism, the chief perceived conclusion is that tourist attractions have developmental benefits, which exceeds the cost. Therefore, the policies target at spending on advertisement and marketing research of tourism. Most countries apply the policy of boosterism in an attempt to promote developments of the tourism industry. These countries focus on approaches that focus on stimulating the demand of tourism. Through the stimulation of tourism demand, the number of tourists increases remarkably. Boosterism is still adopted in most cases since it focuses on promoting tourism, which is beneficial to the host countries. It is through tourism that several employment opportunities are created to the host country. For instance, through tourism, job opportunities for individuals with little experiences are made available. Also, through tourism, certain lucrative job opportunities exist. For instance, professional athletes, entertainers, gaming and hotel managers, chefs, tourism development engineers, and directors of sporting facilities. It is through boosterism that sectors dealing with marketing and research utilize their knowledge and skills since the policy makers have to focus on marketing of tourism and the gathered research, in attracting tourists and developing tourism. Boosterism is adopted in most cases since through its application of policies that enhance tourism demand; it leads to income growth of the host nation. This is realised through the increased number of tourists visiting the host country, who buy services leaving behind foreign currency. One of the objectives of governments is to promote sustainable economic and social developments. However, with the emerging politico-administrative regimes, government work in providing basic infrastructural services and security. Economic developments now depend on the private investors, who have different levels of regulations. Because of this emerging focus, private investors have developed urban cities resulting from the development of technology. Different urban centres have developed emanating from the technology. Globalization has made competition in investment among urban centres be lively. Urban centres have been the main focus of technological developments, for instance, urban centres are well connected with the internet than the urban areas. This has simplified the marketing of cities over the globe, which promotes boosterism. The marketing of the urban cities has been simplified since countries can market their cities through the internet in the most economical and fast way. Hence, with the growth of technology, boosterism has been made convenient, fast and effective, which has made countries use the approach. The approach is convenient since a large number of individuals can be reached with the use of the prevailing technology. It is fast since with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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