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Providing a sustainable approach to coastal tourism development in Turkey - Essay Example

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It is one of the biggest sources of employment for millions of people and serves as the backbone of many a nation. It is one of the sectors that has been undergoing rapid transformation since the last decade and has succeeded…
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Providing a sustainable approach to coastal tourism development in Turkey
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Extract of sample "Providing a sustainable approach to coastal tourism development in Turkey"

Download file to see previous pages Research and policy making on tourism development, at least from now must ensure that there is no effect of such practices on the environment but all along, care must be taken to enhance the development of the tourism industry. This dissertation is an initiative in that direction that is aimed at providing all key role players in the Mediterranean tourism industry in particular with a clear cut strategy on how to evolve the process of sustainable development and aims to project the advantages of doing so in a descriptive manner. Thus, this dissertation emphasizes that sustainable development will ensure the development & uplift of all sections of the society & economy.
In the dissertation, the first chapter would primarily focus on providing the user an insight into the concept of sustainability & describes as to how this concept can be put into use in the case of tourism. The second chapter describes the way in which the reader can apply the principles as outlined by the sustainable approach towards actual implementation in the form of description of policies for sustainable development. There is also a need for the reader to understand the current situation that exists in the region under discussion. Therefore, the third chapter describes about tourism in the Mediterranean, how it grew in the region & what has been is impact on the local economy & environment. The fourth chapter extends this discussion further by allowing for the specification of the merits & demerits of the growth of tourism in the Mediterranean region in its current form.
Once the description of the existing problems has been mad, the usual approach is to describe about the alternatives & remedies that must be used in order to correct the existing problems with regards to the effect of the current trends in tourism on the Mediterranean ecology. This is taken care of by the next chapter and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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