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The purpose of this writing "Attaining sustainable tourism" is to describe the meaning of sustainable tourism as one of the sources of government revenue. This paper, therefore, will focus on the discussing managing plan which will help to promote sustainable tourism…
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Attaining sustainable tourism
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"Attaining sustainable tourism"

Some laws safeguard the environment and therefore make it suitable for tourism can aim at rehabilitating an environment, as the RESTORE act does, while others prevent degradation by stipulating strong penalties against activities that threaten the ecosystem. Policies that preserve biological factors in the environment and that allocate resources for management of the ecosystem also promotes tourism as RESTORE act does (78). Identified challenges to effective tourism also identity significance of policies on tourism. Castellani and Sala (37) notes that focus is being made towards mass tourism instead of focus on quality, and significance of tourism as a source of government revenues means need for laws and policies that can guide management of tourism. Just like the RESTORE act defined resource allocation for rehabilitation of specific regions towards effective tourism, policies can establish agencies and boards that can plan for and guide management of tourism. In addition, tourism has adverse effects on the environment and unless effective measures are established for safeguarding the environment, the ecosystem, which also contributes to tourist attraction, will be degraded. The effects will be lost utility among tourists and collapse of the tourism industry. Consequently, an effective role in preserving the ecosystem is necessary (37). The analysis demonstrate effective role that the government can play in promoting effective and sustainable tourism development through legislations and policies. Read More
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Attaining Sustainable Tourism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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