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Global Tourism and Sustainability - Essay Example

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Sustainable Tourism is a concept that has been in vogue since quite a long time and aims at making the least negative impact on the environment and the native culture of a particular place. The motive of sustainable tourism is to generate employment for the local people and to…
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Global Tourism and Sustainability
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Extract of sample "Global Tourism and Sustainability"

Global Tourism and Sustainability Contents Contents 2 Sustainable tourism 3 References 4 Sustainable tourism Sustainable Tourism is a concept that has been in vogue since quite a long time and aims at making the least negative impact on the environment and the native culture of a particular place. The motive of sustainable tourism is to generate employment for the local people and to maintain the ecological balance of the tourism destination.
The individuals or entities that conduct sustainable tourism would try to inform themselves about the politics, culture as well as the economy of the tourist destinations and would promote the local culture by support in form of buying the goods and participation in their cultural festivals. The stakeholders who are involved in the entire phenomenon of sustainable tourism are the governments of the countries, the NGOs, the tourists, the native people and their communities.
Sustainable Tourism is most popular in the third world countries, where this would lead to the economic development and intellectual cum social progress for the nation while retaining their original culture and heritage. The main strategies of development that most of the third world nations undertake is to establish tourism in their countries at the international level (Theobald, 2005, pp. 352-408). This would lead to economic development in forms of employment generation, growth of the micro, small and medium scale enterprises as well as rise in the inflow of foreign exchange in the country.
The development of eco friendly locations and coastal tourism have ensured that there is no harm caused to the environment and the problems of climatic imbalances and global warming are minimised through such efforts (Mcleod, 2004, pp. 77-126).

Mcleod, D. V. L., 2004. Tourism, Globalisation and Cultural Change: An Island Community Perspective. Clevedon : Channel View Publications.
Theobald, W. F., 2005. Global Tourism. Oxford: Butterworth- Heinemann. Read More
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