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A critical review of the potential of certification to assist in the development of more sustainable tourism - Essay Example

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Sustainable tourism is an essential aspect of the prevailing need for a sense of social responsibility, when it comes to tourism and tourist destinations. It pertains to the various attempts, which are aimed at lowering to the least possible levels, the impact of human…
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A critical review of the potential of certification to assist in the development of more sustainable tourism
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Extract of sample "A critical review of the potential of certification to assist in the development of more sustainable tourism"

Download file to see previous pages This is in respect to the varying types of tourism found in different destinations, including the unique presence of niche tourism segments, as well as mass tourism in general. Essentially, it regards the portrayal and upholding of specific values, which make a great global difference, not only in reference to the millions of global travelers, by also those directly impacted by existing tourism. Above all, it entails the observance of responsible tourism, which is aimed at making positive differences to tourist destinations, the local populations present, and fundamentally so, the environment.
Sustainable tourism is essentially, the attempt of making the lowest possible impacts on not only a given region’s environmental ecosystems, but also the local cultures present. The culture aspect regards the traditions, way of life, folklore and heritage present, which uniquely identify such regions as distinct tourism destinations. In addition, as Mowforth and Munt (1998) portray, is the requisite aspect of job opportunity creation for the local populations, thereby enabling greater wholesome sustainability of such regions and destinations. The ultimate aim of this type of tourism is ensuring the development achieved, provides a foundation of positive experience, for not only the tourists and tourism companies at large, but also the local residents (Mowforth & Munt, 1998:44).
Thus, sustainable tourism pertains to the adopted practices implemented in successful eco-tourism. As a term, sustainable tourism is often interpreted in oxymoron terms. This is informed by the fact that tourism as an activity, majorly depends upon, and continuously increasing air transportation (Mowforth & Munt, 1998:490). Unfortunately, this mode of transportation is linked to the contribution of significant amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. These are emitted from combustion, rising high into the stratosphere and hence contribute to the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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