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A Guide to Writing Quality Tragic Hero Essays

A Guide to Writing Quality Tragic Hero Essays

By StudentShareRelease Year: 2019

A Guide to Writing Quality Tragic Hero Essays Flawlessly

The audience can get connected to a character in a book or a novel, and when they are killed, they also get hurt to the extent of crying. Do you know what is a tragic hero?  A tragic hero is a protagonist who showcases some tragic elements in one way or another. Thus, whenever you are reading a book, you turn out to bond with some characters. In literature, the protagonist hero makes costly mistakes that either causes their death, loneliness, despair, among others. This is the most appropriate tragic hero literary definition.

Writing literature involving a protagonist hero is easier than you think! All you need to do is to study the main character and his/her tradgic scenes. Now that you know the precise tragic hero definition start analyzing every scene one by one while explaining any characteristics of a tragedy from each scene.

Good Tragic Hero Examples from Variety of Books

We have a variety of books with characteristics of a tragic hero to prepare you in composing a tragic-heroic essay. Some of the examples of heroes include;

  • Jay Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald

Gatsby seems to be chasing a dream that cannot come to pass. He loves Daisy and ready to do anything for her, but in return, Daisy shows no love. Finally, after getting Daisy, he is still not satisfied.

  • Hamlet  by Shakespeare

Despite hamlet’s smartness, indecisiveness and obsession cause his downfall. After discovering his uncle orchestrated his father’s death, he plans to avenge. He takes too long planning something that caused harm to both him and his mother, who dies shortly.

  • Romeo by Shakespeare

Romeo is obsessed with love for Juliet. The thought of Juliet being dead compels him to commit suicide, something that affects Juliet a great deal and also causes her death.

  • The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

The giving tree is one of the tragic heroes. It gives a boy much love than it does to itself. It gives a variety of its parts to the boy until it remains with nothing at the end. Its generosity to the boy caused its downfall.

  • Othello by Shakespeare

Othello loves his wife Desdemona, but because Lago has a vengeful feeling, he tricks him to the thought that his wife is unfaithful. He kills his wife and later kills himself. Heeding to Lago’s thoughts caused Othello’s downfall.

The above are tragic hero examples who failed miserably even though when reading the book, they might have moved you as a character and never anticipated their death, pain, or downfall.

Tips for Writing Protagonist Heroic Essays

First and foremost, what’s the definition of tragic hero? To write a heroic paper, you need to take every track of tragic hero records and all his actions and what makes them a protagonist. Analyze any tragic character or an act of event throughout the book or novel that makes them a hero. Now that you have every point to expound and analyze, start writing your paper.

Start by a powerful introductory paragraph to attract the attention of the reader into reading the whole of your paper. You need to start by a hook. The opening sentence should be attractive. You should briefly introduce the topic issue to the reader without saying much that can make your paper monotonous. Provide specific points that make your hero tragic but discuss them in brief. Close your introductory paragraph by a strong clause that phrases the theme of your write-up. The closing clause should be the thesis statement of your paper.

Move to the body paragraph of your article. Here you will discuss the points that make the hero you had discussed in brief in the first paragraph. Start each paragraph by an opening sentence which introduces the point to the reader. Second the point with relevant arguments to prove your point. Prove to the reader why the hero you are referring to is strategic.

For example, is Hamlet a tragic hero? Yes, he is. He plays smart throughout the novel, but after realizing his uncle killed his father, he starts planning on how to avenge. He takes too long until his uncle kills him and let his mother die, something that he would have curbed.

The conclusion paragraph should not be that long. You need approximately 80-100 words. Here, you will have to provide a summary of how the main characters are tragic heros. Make the conclusion memorable and purposeful by ensuring the paper is highly readable with a good flow of content. Conclude by showcasing a combination of actions that makes the hero tragic and what caused their downfall. End with a closing clause which showcases how the author managed to bring to the mainstream media the idea of tragedy with the primary idea of accomplishing a precise purpose.

What Is a Tragic Flaw? Get the Correct Definition Here

The tragic flaw literary definition is the (heroine or a hero) main character’s personality trait that leads to their downfall. With attitude adjustment, the hero or heroine may not have fallen depending on the book you are reading. For instance, if Oedipus would have controlled his temper to kill his father at the crossroad, he would not have fallen easily. Now in case you come across a question that needs you to define tragic flaw, you know what to say. What is a tragic flaw? This question should no longer be a problem. We have a variety of examples of a tragic flaw. Another one is Othello. He gets angered by the thought of his wife being unfaithful to him. Without making a good investigation since he trusts Lago who is after his downfall. He decided to kill his wife because Lago keeps telling him of how unfaithful she is. He later committed suicide.

Is Hamlet a Tragic Hero? Here Is the Answer

Hamlet has both brave and noble characteristic, an element that makes him tragic and a hero. His feeling of revenge for his father’s death as a tragic flaw. He has many good traits, but at the end of the play, he faces a downfall.

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