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Homer's Odyssey. Telemachos' heroic journey - Essay Example

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Odysseus was the king of Ithaca. He had fought in the Trojan War for ten years. He went into exile for close to ten years after the collapse of Troy. He had left his newborn son, Telemachos and a committed wife, Penelope. …
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Homers Odyssey. Telemachos heroic journey
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"Homer's Odyssey. Telemachos' heroic journey"

Download file to see previous pages Although his wife had longed for his return, she entertained strangers and arrogant suitors. Athena and Zeus motivated Telemachos to pursue his adulthood journey by unravelling the mystery behind his father’s disappearance. Telemachos heroic journey was exactly the opposite of his fathers. During Telemachos time, there was no war to be fought unlike in his father’s time where heroes were determining by their war exploits. However, as a young man and a son of a hero, his journey was different but worthy because in the end, both men emerged heroes (Cooper 24).
Telemachos is a unique character in the epic of Homer. Telemachos journey begun when he was requested by Athena to pursue his father Odysseus who had been trapped in Ogygia Island by goddess Calypso for close to ten years. Athena had seen that Telemachos had become of age and ready to take charge of his family’s welfare. However, she realized that he lacked the motivation and confidence to take up his manly position in his father’s house. He had lacked an appropriate male model through his life. His father and grandfather were unavailable to guide him through life. Following this gap, his mother and the suitors had attempted to suppress his assertion of leadership for varied reasons. His mother was afraid that growing too fast would risk his life to the suitors. The suitors assumed that the continued suppression would ensure that he does not stand in their way between the woman and the property (Cooper 33). The Homeric society expected sons of nobles to posses’ eloquent speaking skills and confidence. However, his mother suitors overran the palace, wasted the family property. They seemed to have more authority than Telemacho. He appeared like a child and was frequently insulted in between conversations. At some point, Eurymachos confirmed to the men of Ithaka that Telemachos would never be able to subdue his father’s position at any time (Cooper 41) Athena maintained loyalty to Odysseus through his son. She took a ‘father figure’ stand with an aim of steering the young man into the world of leadership and adulthood. Ithaca had lacked sober leadership for a long time. No one had summoned for an assembly or community meeting. Before encountering Athena, Telemancho was a passive daydreamer who knew that things were taking a wrong direction but did not know which step to take. He hoped that his father would return and put things in order. His weakness was that he seemed to rely on other people’s opinions to solve his own problems (Cooper 56) He trusted the disguised Athena, fed him and trusted him to guide him into the ideal life strategy. Athena had longed for the return of Odysseus. Telemachos lacked self-confidence and asks Athena stupid questions that express doubts. He questions if he is indeed a legitimate son of Odysseus. He commits a deeper mistake that shows hopelessness and self-pity when he asserts that he wished a different man had fathered him. He even wishes that his father were a wealthy old man. Hearing all this, Athena reassures him and motivates him to seek after his father (Cooper 94) Unknown to the suitors and Telemancho was the fact that Odysseus was still alive. The beautiful nymph Calypso obsessed by love for him held him captive on her island, Ogygia. He wished to rejoin to his wife and son but he did not have a ship or crew to flee. On mount Olympus, Zeussends Hermes attempts to rescue Odysscus from Calypso, Hermes persuades Odysscus to build a ship and return home. The homesick hero sets to sail but when Poscidon, god of the sea sees him, he sends a storm to wreak the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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