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Comparing Othello to Genji. What kind of heroes were they What made them different than the heroes that we studied before them - Essay Example

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Name 28 May 2011 Assignment Othello written by one of the greatest playwrights of the twentieth century is one of the greatest and most renowned tragedies of Classic English Literature. The story is about a young noble man from the military, devoting all his services to serve the Venetian Republic…
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Comparing Othello to Genji. What kind of heroes were they What made them different than the heroes that we studied before them
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Download file to see previous pages This leads him to kill Desdemona, his wife, as well as himself towards the end. (Shakespeare, William) On the other hand, the Tale of Genji, written by Murasaki Shikibu is a masterpiece and great contribution to both Japanese as well as world literature. It has been recalled as one of the first novels ever written in the world, in fiction. It presents a very realistic view of life through the actions and characteristics of a young man by the name of Genji. It has been set during the time of aristocracy in Japan as Genji was the son of an Emperor. It is a play centred around the romantic life that he led with the love of his life, and the complications of societal pressure that are sought upon people with time and human bondage. (Murasaki, Shikibu) The two characters of Othello and Genji have quite a number of similarities and differences between them. They can be compared and contrasted against and with each other on the basis of a number of traits that they possess. Both plays have a background of the main protagonist acting out of the passion of love. Othello was madly in love with Desdemona, and Genji, with Lady Fujitsubo and later Murasaki. However, Othello has been constant in his love for his woman; despite him being posted far away from her,he tried to keep the flame alive within himself, in hopes of soon being able to meet with his Lady love. However, Iago changed his mind with time regarding her character and personality and made him believe that she was indeed a woman that engaged in adultery with other men, and that she could not really love someone. Genji, however, understood love as he matured from a boy to a man. He was first in love with the Lady and this love was forbidden. It made him want it even more and soon she bears his son. In the meantime, he falls in love with a number of different women as he pleases, and seduces a number of them, leading them on and making them believe that they have a shot in being his wife. As compared to Othello, thus, Genji does not come off as a character that would die for the love of his life during this point in his life. He was a young man who was hell bent on enjoying the frivolous pursuits of life; he proves through Murasaki’s writings that the young royals at the time in Japan had no qualms about whether or not their decisions were affecting other people or the rest of the country, they only wanted to do whatever pleased them, and in this case, it involved randomly involving oneself with different women. Towards the end of both the plays however, both characters witness the emotion and feeling of what death is and how it dawns upon a person when it happens to a loved one. Genji realizes that his true love was only for Murasaki, and when she dies, his memories of her begin to haunt him. He then is able to comprehend how fleeting his entire life was and how easily time just passed him by. He understands that he did not give her enough time even though she was his wife, and that he should have told her that he loved her while he still had the chance. Othello too, was forced by his own emotions to undergo the pain and trauma of the death of a loved one. (Penguin Reading Guides) He was overpowered by the force of his own emotions and feelings to kill Desdemona because he was made to believe that she was having an affair with one of the soldiers in his army. The jealousy that erupts within the man threatens to ruin his life and also subsequently ruins the image of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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