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In The Tale of Genji, a great importance is placed on art. People gain respect and admiration based on their musical, painting, and writing ability. How does this value system compare to that of contemporary America? This essay will answer the question. …
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Tale Of Genji
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"Tale Of Genji"

Download file to see previous pages Art and literature flourished in Japan even in ancient times. Japanese writings showed that ancient Japanese placed great premium on culture such as painting, poetry, prose, music, dramatic performances and all genres of literature. Ancient writers and artists i.e. poets, musicians, painters were then hailed as an elite group who were notches above the rest and special groups of people to be venerated and esteemed with high regard. And such writings showed that these predilections and love for art and literature even pre-dated that of European and American passion for art and literature. However, it had been claimed that most of these writings were mere oral literature because the Japanese failed to independently devise their own kind of syllabaric script and thus failed to find a means of recording their language. Thus, most of this oral literature perished (Keene 19). It was only when the Japanese (and the Koreans, too) discovered the Chinese Kanji script, the ancient Chinese method of writing that the Japanese were able to put into writing the works of their writers who then described the high level of culture in ancient Japan (Snowling & Hulme 23). Yet, many of this oral literature were luckily integrated into Japan’s first known surviving book, the Kojiki or “Record of Ancient Matters”. This book featured poetry, songs, myths, legends, customs and traditions, language and ancient Japanese history (Chamberlain i,ii). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Tale of Genji
...?(Please write here) 8 February The Tale of Genji:Questions and Answers The Tale of Genji is a novel that was written by the world famous author Murasaki Shikibu and has greatly influenced some of the world’s best pieces of culture, literature and art in the East and West Canons. In the animated version of The Tale of Genji, only coverage of the first twelve chapters has been portrayed. (1654) Thus, the film version has left out scenes and plots from chapter 13 to 54. However, in addition to this, the film also has a few extra scenes that are not in accordance with the Japanese text, in order to make the viewer understand the gravity of the psychology...
2 Pages(500 words)Essay
Women's Role in Heian Japan in Tale of Genji
...December 07, Women's Role in Heian Japan in Tale of Genji At first glance, Heian Japanese society appears to have been one that was dominated very much by men. Men held all of the important posts in government and basically ran everything. Because of this, it might be supposed that literature from the time period always shows men to be right and women to follow them without any questions. However, in part due to the fact that women wrote many popular works of literature, that is not necessarily the case. Beyond just that, it is clear that while men may have dominated politically, their relationships with women were judged by others, and played an important role in their success. In many cases, women even...
5 Pages(1250 words)Essay
Gendered Roles in The Tale of Genji
...The Tale of Genji Number Department Introduction As a ic work of Japanese literature which is attributed to the lady-in-waiting and noblewoman Murasaki Shikibu, the Tale of Genji was written at the beginning of the 11th century, at a time when the Heian period was at the zenith. Because of its richness in themes that are tackled therein, the Tale of Genji is reputed as the world’s first novel, the first psychological novel, the first modern novel or/ and the first novel to be considered a classic. Even though the novel is universally considered a masterpiece, because of the novel’s concise illustration, classification and influence in...
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Book analysis of The Tale of Genji
...? Book analysis of “The Tale of Genji” Summary The tale concentrates around the life Hikaru Genji who is the son of the Japanese emperor, Kiritsubo. At some point people refer to him as “shining Genji” because of his political affiliation. His mother, Lady Kiritsubo, concubine to Emperor Kiritsubo dies when he is at the age of three. The tale goes to note that the concubine was important in the life of emperor as he continued remembering her. However, Emperor Kiritsubo goes on to marry a woman (Lady Fujitsubo) on the account that she had characters similar to the already deceased Lady Kiritsubo. This bondage, between the emperor and Lady...
8 Pages(2000 words)Essay
Character Psychology of the Tale of Genji
...Running Head: CHARACTER PSYCHOLOGY A Discussion of the Character Psychology of the Tale of Genji In this essay, the researcher will discus the psychological framework of gender relations and the hierarchy of the Heian society. Contemporary themes of psychosexual development such as the Oedipus complex play a significant role in the relationships and behavior of Hikaru Genji specifically and the court life of the Heian period in general. The elusive pursuit of satisfaction of the main character is largely driven by his desire for a relational counterpart that possesses qualities similar to the mother figure of Lady Fujitsubo. While The Tale of Genji is...
7 Pages(1750 words)Essay
The Tale of Genji by Lady Muraski
...The Tale of the Genji is a Japanese work of literature that was created by Murasaki Shikibu. As a noblewoman in Japan during the 11th century, Lady Murasaki conveys the position of men, women, and love. In The Tale of the Genji love is presented from a 11th century point of view. This means love between a man and woman was not equal. The man’s needs were considered more important than the woman’s. It was a woman’s position to please a man. The man brought security, wealth, and power. Women did not have any power, except for the power of persuasion used on their lovers. The theme of love based on gender will be examined in this paper. This story revolves around Hikaru...
4 Pages(1000 words)Essay
The Character of Genji in THE TALE OF GENJI
...Character Analysis of Genji in the “Tale of Genji” Table of Contents Introduction 3 Character Analysis of the Protagonist of the Novel: Hikaru Genji 3 Conclusion 6 Bibliography 7 Introduction The Tale of Genji or popularly known by the name of “Genji Monogatari”, is often regarded as world’s first novel, is a classical masterpiece in Japanese literature. The novel was written in the eleventh century during the Heian period and is also considered as world’s one of the earliest and finest modern novels with exceptional psychological scheme of things operating throughout the plot of the novel. The novel is attributed to the...
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Logical and original analysis of The Tale of Genji
...Telling the History with a Tale The Tale of Genji is known as Japan’s first psychological or historical novel. Although there are debates questioningwhether it really is the first historical novel, or if it can really be called a novel, there is no doubt that The Tale of Genji is really a historical piece. Genji, although a fictional character, is a very real representation of a court official during the time the piece was written. And by telling the story of Genji, it tells the story of the culture and traditions embedded in the Japanese culture. The Tale of Genji starts out with how...
2 Pages(500 words)Essay
Annotation - The Tale of Genji
...The Tale of Genji The Tale of Genji is aristocratic Japan of the tenth century that comprised an imperial and polygamous society. The novel the Tale of Genji first written just after the year 1000 A.D. by a famous aristocratic woman called Shikibu Murasaki. By that time, no one had ever written a novel with complex plots and character development except that of Murasaki Shikubi, The Tale of Genji. The novel affected the art and literature into the Buddhist Asians thoughts, which included, stories, parables and analogies that have influenced the best culture, as well as a popular art tradition and...
3 Pages(750 words)Article
Reading report of <the tale of genji> or <genji monogatari>
...READING REPORT OF THE TALE OF GENJI AND GENJI MONOGATARI Reading Report of The Tale of Genji and Genji Monogatari The catchy work by Shikibu is one that encompasses numerous themes that deepen the readers’ audience understanding of the Japanese culture and society in the times. This essay shall attempt to analyze two themes as postulated by the author- theme of marriage, and the roles of women or rather gender relations in the work. Theme 1-Gender relations-place of the woman As seen in the Genji Monogatari, gender relations are evident in the work. The woman in the tale lives in a time and society that...
2 Pages(500 words)Book Report/Review
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