Macbeth Study Guide: Characters Analysis: Lady Macbeth

Character's Analysis: Lady Macbeth

By ShakespeareRelease Year: 1623

She is Macbeth’s wife. The play depicts their love as being very strong. Lady Macbeth seems to have power over her husband by bribing him with sexual favors. She comes off as an intensely ambitious and strong-willed woman. She seems to be deeply interested in having power and high positions. That is why she pushes her husband beyond his limits to the extent of suggesting the murder of King Duncan just to get the power she lusts for. Her strong will and ruthlessness only appear in the initial parts of the play but seem to fade away once her husband murders the king and takes over power.

Even though it initially appeared as though Macbeth had a weaker character compared to his wife, guilt and regret begin to haunt Lady Macbeth to a greater extent than her husband. All the madness and deaths going around begin to take a toll on Lady Macbeth until she can no longer handle it and decides to commit suicide. Lady Macbeth and her husband seem to be separated from the rest of the world mostly because they have been supporting each other in the crimes they have been committing. Despite this, the bond that they share seems to get stronger even as people hate them. Their relationship is quite a mystery.

Is Lady Macbeth a fierce character?

Lady Macbeth can be considered a fierce character because of her evil actions. She convinces her husband to kill King Duncan and appears to be more courageous than her husband who feels guilty about plotting the murder. Lady Macbeth knows that her husband has a weak character and is always on the frontline in pushing him to do as she pleases. She even feels that she is more of a man than her husband and regrets why she is a woman because she would commit those atrocities with a lot of ease if she was a man. Lady Macbeth also comes off as crafty and manipulative. She seems to always have her way by manipulating her husband, especially using her sexuality. Macbeth even feels that his wife is more masculine than him but is just trapped in a female body. For a moment, being a man is associated with the power to perpetuate violence and have ambition.

Lady Macbeth shows that women have the capacity to do what men can do, or even better, but are only inhibited by the virtue of being female. Lady Macbeth proves to have the power to manipulate her husband in everything. She makes him feel less of a man whenever he refuses to do what she wants. For example, when Macbeth is hesitant to murder King Duncan, Lady Macbeth is quick to question his manhood, a trick that works quite well because Macbeth kills King Duncan just to prove that he is man enough. Her character can be termed as inconsistent because she initially has the courage and will to do all sorts of evil but later feels guilty about all the atrocities she commits to such an extent that she kills herself.

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