Macbeth Study Guide: Characters Analysis: Macduff, King Duncan

Characters' Analysis: Macduff, King Duncan

By ShakespeareRelease Year: 1623

Macduff: The Character's Traits

He was a nobleman of Scottish origin. He has been opposed to Macbeth being king. He has a strong character because he does not hide the fact that he is opposed to Macbeth’s kingship no matter the consequences. This leads him to form a team that seeks to get Macbeth out of power, despite knowing how dangerous this task is.

He initially appears to be supporting this cause because he believes that Malcolm should be the right king but it later emerges that his desire to get Macbeth out of the thrown is largely motivated by the need to avenge the death of his wife and son.

King Duncan

He was the rightful king of Scotland all along but fell victim of Macbeth’s evil ambitions. He gets murdered by Macbeth and the throne is taken away from him. Unlike Macbeth, his style of leadership was diplomatic and visionary. He cared about the affairs of his people and was quite compassionate.

With his death, the good governance and leadership suddenly come to an end and the kingdom is taken over by a bad leader who contributes to the deaths of many people. Malcolm appears to be the only person who can restore sanity back to the kingship because he was from King Duncan’s lineage.

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