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Who killed Macbeth?

What made the main character so confident about his immortality? Can’t understand “How did Macbeth lead himself to death?” if he was killed by someone else.

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In the tragic play “The Tragedy of Macbeth”, Macduff kills the main character in battle. General Macbeth had prior warning of his impending death when he received a prophecy from a group of three witches who foresaw that he would one day be the king of Scotland. The witches further prophesy that any man born of woman cannot kill Macbeth. Macbeth murders King Duncan and takes over the throne in Scotland due to his ambitions and the backing of his wife. Despite becoming king, Macbeth is constantly wracked with paranoia and guilt for what he has done and he is forced to murder more people in order to consolidate his power as the king and dissuade any suspicion and enmity. This turns him into a tyrannical leader, as he does not heed to advice or consul. This results in a civil war that consumes Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

        Macduff receives word that Macbeth attacked his castle and his wife and son were murdered; he is in England. He joins Malcolm, King Duncan’s son and raises an army to challenge Macbeth’s rule. Macbeth receives word of his wife’s suicide before the English army attack his castle. During the battle, Macbeth boasts that Macduff cannot kill him due to the witches’ prophecy. Macduff replies that he was not born, rather his mother had to undergo caesarian section. Macbeth discerns that he misunderstood the prophecy but continues to engage Macduff in the fight. The later kills and beheads Macbeth and displays it for all to see.

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