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Top Expository Essay Topics

Top Expository Essay Topics

By StudentShareRelease Year: 2019

Expository Essay Topics - What to Think About

Much like argumentative or persuasive essays, exploratory essays aim to investigate, evaluate or discuss a topic using facts. However, they don’t argue out claims in a debate-like fashion as in the case or argumentative essays, nor do they aim to persuade the reader to share the writer’s point of view like persuasive essays. Instead, exploratory essays aim to present evaluations through clear and concise facts, steering clear of personal opinion or unsupported fact.

The structure of an expository essay will encompass the following:

  • Investigation
  • Proof
  • Evaluation
  • Informing and reinforcing

These essays may take many forms such as explaining cause-and-effect, explaining processes, classification, definitions, and comparing-&-contrasting. While debate isn’t discouraged, it is not the primary focus of writing these essays. Therefore, many students will often lap how to write expository and argumentative essays.

Expository essays may also not make too much use of textbook research, compared to argumentative essays, but they must rely on factual presentation of material. Students may face difficulties choosing topics for expository essays that they can factually present, especially in an examination setting. It is advised to go for a topic which you have plenty of knowledge on, which will also coincide with that which you have plenty of interest in.

Most descriptive essays may include words such as ‘elaborate’, ‘define’ or ‘illustrate’ in their prompts. This clearly tells the student that the presentation should focus on the factual matter behind the essay context and not any form of personal opinion.

Coming up with expository essay topics may be the difficult part about writing these essays. High school and college students will benefit greatly from the essay-writing services that we offer, along with the plenty of topics for expository essay that we keep ready in our vault.

Choosing Topics for Expository Essay

Your professor may give you a specific prompt to work on in which case you don’t have to expend any energy looking for good expository essay topics to write about. However, if you are to choose your own essay topic, it is advised to look at your motivations and subjects that you are interested in.

Expository essays have several variations and you may get good expository essay topics in any of the following categories:

  • Classification essays: Breaks down a subject into smaller categories and gives specific examples from these classifications.
  • Cause & Effect essays: These explain how things affect and depend on each other. The writer will explain the relationship between two things, with why they happen and the results.
  • Compare & Contrast essays: Describes the similarities or differences between two different animate or inanimate subjects.
  • Definition essays: These give the meaning of either animate or inanimate objects or concepts. The writer will delve into the dictionary definitions and any connotations that the word brings.
  • Process essays: Also referred to as ‘How-to’ essays, these explain procedures and steps to achieve something, educate the reader or show them how it’s done.

While these definitions might make them seem quite technical and academic, the reality is that simple and succinct language is the best way to take on these essays.

The best way to achieve great expository essay topics is to find a topic that you are interested in and then see which of the above categories you are more comfortable writing in. The rubric provided might also require you to write a descriptive essay from select category using the topic provided, in which case your primary concern would be the structure of the essay.

Interesting Expository Essay Topics for Different Courses

You may be thinking exploratory essays are only the purview of Literature and the Arts. These essays however find application in a large array of disciplines including Health and Medicine, Sport, Tech & Engineering, Law, Humanities, the Sciences, Economics among others. We have a wide array of examples of expository essay topics in over 50 different college disciplines and all high school disciplines. We also have interesting expository essay topics for kids in middle school who might not practically know how to do these essays or even differentiate them from other essay genres.

Some topics for kids may include explaining why they like their best friends, why they take the school bus home, how they eat when they are at home and why kids should never do drugs. We have material that teaches kids how to express themselves and make succinct explanations without using too many words.

College expository essay topics are more complex and may ask students to describe more of academic material. It will also require students to know more about the proper structure of expository essays. How to write a thesis statement and develop a catchy introduction is also of importance at this level. While they may still be in the early stages of conducting intensive research, high school students should now be able to form coherent structure and logical flow, and they should also be able to produce material from what they have learnt in class.

Expository essay topics high school may read from chemical and biological essays in nature and their impacts, such as how to create soap, how global warming works, how a gear mechanism is formed and the components involved in the process of photosynthesis.

Expository Essay Topics College may investigate and explore complex issues and show the ability of a student to understand and articulate processes. The student should at this point be able to show a thorough understanding of the subject and be able to explain or describe the prompt in a straightforward way devoid of opinion.

Top Essay Topics:

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3. Different Types of Writing
4. Expository Study: Scholarship Proposal
5. Short answers for the communication class
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8. The Potential Benefits of Exercise
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10. Models for Writers: The Writing Process

Explore Numerous Expository Essay Topics for High School Students

High school students who form the bulk of those struggling to write these essays will benefit greatly from our huge collection of essays. These samples show the proper structure of expository essays including how to develop the main body with evidence. The Five-Paragraph essay approach is introduced at this level, with the Introduction, Main Body (three paragraphs) with evidences and a solid conclusion which doesn’t just regurgitate material from the body.

The thesis statement is the most important part of the introduction, although having a great hook and Title works well too.

Our expository essay topics for high school students will provide them with plenty of material to ponder about and learn from. These topics will assist students to develop their own ideas about what to write about. They will also get to know the distinction between descriptive essays and persuasive essays which require argument research. Expository essays require students to evaluate and explain facts, and they can be creative about the presentation, but it has to be logical, original and comprehensive.

Through our expository essay topics for middle school, you can teach kids how to be assertive and be able to express facts as-they-were with clear stances. Our samples will also help kids develop coherent thought processes through well-presented, simple structure and clear language. Teaching kids how to express themselves with powerful words is what our essays do. Developing the logical thought process is an important factor at this level. Students will need the skills to articulate themselves and it is best to start developing those skills as early as possible.

Other Tips When Writing Your Expository Essay

Your expository essay should solely rely on facts. You should avoid any topics that you aren’t too sure about or anything that doesn’t lie in you scope of passions. Prewriting is always a good idea if you know you don’t have all your thoughts planned out already. It might also help if you wrote out your main body of facts and evidences first then went back to the thesis statement.

Starting out with an initial thesis statement, unless already provided, may hinder you from exploring you mind and the explanations logically. Writing an initial draft will help you collect your thoughts and lay out every bit reasonably. There is every possibility of veering off course if you make only one attempt at writing the paper. However, if you create a first and even a second draft, you will be able to sift out all the unwanted stuff from your essay, keeping it short, clean and succinct.

If you want to excel in writing your descriptive essay writing but don’t know where to start or how to go about it, the first place that you should consider is our expert writing team. Check out hot topics, expert samples, tips and examples that you can use to make your writing better.

We’ll also help you edit and proofread to the highest standards of perfection. Build skill and learning from our experts, by ordering your custom-paper now!

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