The Potential Benefits of Exercise - Essay Example

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Exercise, in terms of physical fitness, is defined by the online Merriam Webster dictionary as ‘bodily exertion for the sake of developing and maintaining physical fitness. The human body has been bestowed with the power of motility which we share with most representatives of the animal kingdom. …
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The Potential Benefits of Exercise
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"The Potential Benefits of Exercise"

Massive urbanization all over the world has directed our lifestyles in such a way that we have become cogs in the wheel of a huge man-made monstrous entity. The fact is being increasingly recognized by the healthcare fraternity in all parts of the developed world and programs for physical fitness are being incorporated into our hectic work schedules to regain our lost vitality over the generations. Regular exercise is absolutely essential to maintain a fit, disease free body as by nature all our muscles have specific movements and functions to perform which diminish with disuse. The hormonal and homeostatic mechanisms of the body are such that replenishment with fresh nutrients and disposal of metabolic waste products from the body’s internal environment take place ideally only if they are put to use as nature had intended them to be. The benefits of regular physical activity have been enumerated in a very precise manner by the mayo clinic website which states that exercise is essential for a healthier, better and long life. It benefits one and all regardless of age, sex or physical ability by acting as a mood elevator because it triggers the endogenous release of endorphins which are hormones which impart a sense of well being. It is the natural treatment for beating depression. Exercise enhances lung power, increases circulation of blood and mobilizes the natural hormones in the body which keep heart disease and osteoporosis at bay.It strengthens both lungs and the heart and promotes a better sleeping pattern. Read More
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