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Should Companies Allow Employees To Exercise On Work Time - Case Study Example

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This paper "Should Companies Allow Employees To Exercise On Work Time" discusses why it is significant for a company to keep their staff physically healthy in order to fulfill their tasks in a suitable amount of time that would leader to much higher profits for the said company or organization…
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Should Companies Allow Employees To Exercise On Work Time
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Extract of sample "Should Companies Allow Employees To Exercise On Work Time"

Download file to see previous pages  Critically, people performed better on days that they exercise and across all three areas that most researchers dwell on: (1) mental-interpersonal, (2) output and (3) time demands. Unfortunately enough, not many organizations have realized this as most of them are still strict on the old conventions that the number one objective is to ensure that their workers are working endlessly in order to achieve the organizational goals (Wattles and Chad 21). This means that they will be required to seat down on their desks or report to their stations from the time they walk in to work in the morning till lunchtime and also after lunch till the time they leave for home (Wattles and Chad 21). This gets really boring in the long-run as humans normally hate being tied up to one routine during a longer period of time (Falkenberg 512).

To top it all up, with the kind of sedentary lifestyle, coupled with stress that a majority of Americans have adopted today, it is significant to ensure that you are always fully fit in order to be productive. The general idea of this paper is to discuss whether companies should allow their workers to exercise during their time at work. Extensive research has been carried out on this topic together with experimentation (Medibank 2; Paul et al. 7 and Oregon.Gov 1). This research paper reveals why maybe it is significant for a company or organization to keep their labor force or staff physically healthy because if they do not, it will be difficult for them to fulfill their tasks in a suitable amount of time that would leader to much higher profits for the said company or organization.

Companies are always complaining of how not all of their workers are able to handle a strong work pace for an entire work day (Sharifzadeh 3). For example, RHC LLC, a construction company headquartered in the greater Tulsa, OK, conducted a research on why not all of their construction workers can fully handle their days job as most of them tend to get tired just after lunch break. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Should Companies Allow Employees To Exercise On Work Time Case Study - 2.
(Should Companies Allow Employees To Exercise On Work Time Case Study - 2)
Should Companies Allow Employees To Exercise On Work Time Case Study - 2.
“Should Companies Allow Employees To Exercise On Work Time Case Study - 2”.
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