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Exercises That Reduces Depression - Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Exercises That Reduces Depression" describes that the protection of individual information from any harm will be a high priority. The safety procedures and protocols that are outlined for any scientific research will be followed to the latter…
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Exercises That Reduces Depression
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Extract of sample "Exercises That Reduces Depression"

Download file to see previous pages Frequencies and cross-tabulations will be used to determine if there is any significant relationship in the numbers of those that have been affected at a 95% level of significance.
Everybody will tell you that he/she has encountered depression in his/her life. This is so because genetics play an important part in depression and can run in families for generations. Also, things like tough financial problems, the breaking up of a relationship or marriage, the death of a loved one can bring on depression. Further, you can become depressed after substantial changes in your life, like starting a new job, graduating from school, getting married among many others (Keith, S 2007).
According to him further, serious medical conditions like heart disease, cancer and HIV can have a huge contribution to depression due to physical weakness and the stress they bring on. Depression often makes medical conditions worse since it weakens the immune system and can make pain hard to withstand. In some cases as Keith, S (2007) puts it, depression can be caused by medications used to treat medical conditions.
In addition, soldiers in war combat zones have been involved in registration duties which involve handling and transporting human remains in support of military combat operations. Also, they recover bodies and body parts and match body parts to bodies. Identification of remains including fingerprinting and transporting dead bodies from the death scene to departure points. These among many others expose the soldiers to hard conditions of work thus rendering them afterthoughts once they leave the battlefields which to a greater extend causes depression.
Lastly, some forms of psychological disorders like anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and substance abuse often appear along with depression. Thus, it is expected that every living human being has had at one time experienced it though at different levels. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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