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updated 7 months ago

In essay writing, do we need to start early and write several drafts?

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1 Answer
updated 7 months ago

It depends on how you prefer to complete your work.

Not everybody is good at writing multiple copies on one topic. Sometimes it is better to write one draft and then do thorough editing and rewriting.

Still, if you are the one, who prefers to choose among several variants, you might want to try writing several drafts.

I consider this idea ineffective due to several reasons.

  1. You lose time. Writing one draft and editing it several times is way faster than coming up with several selections, which, btw, also would end up with choosing one and editing it.
  2. You waste energy. Instead of completing your assignment quickly, you keep writing over and over until it is ‘perfect.’ On the other hand, nothing can be perfect, so why struggle?
  3. You gain less than loose. Such time- and energy consuming writing can result in an excellent essay. But while struggling with this one assignment you might miss the coolest webinar, or other assignments, or online lectures, or simple fun with friends, which is also essential.

If you are the one who needs several options, I’d say it would be better to write several outlines. That is how you will come up with several ideas, plan several essays, but won’t lose a lot of time.

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