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updated 9 months ago

Describe with examples how different aspects of development can affect one another

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updated 10 months ago

Physical development refers to the physical ability of a person to collectively use body parts such as legs, hands, eyes, ears without any defection. However, at times, such development can be thwarted in some individuals thus hampering their ability. For example, children with disability that extend to their motor functioning always find it impossible to participate in sports. As such, they have kept away from physical activities. Such is evident despite the fact that participation in sports helps persons to develop friendship thus helping in the development of social skills. As evident, the different aspects of growth are interrelated as the action of one influences the other. Because of disadvantages posed by handicap, the rest of development stages are thwarted.

Another example is communication aspect in the development of individuals. Communication refers to the ability to articulate and pronounce certain language. Through communication, therefore, the other developments such as social skills (the ability to interact and develop friendship) are greatly hampered. Educational development depends on the ability of a child in reading and projection of sound, which is hampered by the inability to communicate effectively. It also shows the correlation between different aspects

Finally, social development has an influence on other aspects of growth. A good example is when a child is suffering from depression. Such child will experience no interest in social activities due to demoralization. Withdraw from social groups is also a consequence that will ultimately deter the ability to develop a friendship.

updated 1 year ago

This question strongly depends on what you mean under ‘aspects of development.' Loads of people would understand it as flaws or various kinds of disabilities and their impact on child and its behavior. Still, it is not the only possible way to discuss this question. There are loads of characteristics of a child, which have no relation to the disabilities but have a substantial impact on its social life. F.e., some children hate reading. Thus they are less developed in it. When it comes to group reading in primary school, they might feel uncomfortable, as well as the rest of a group. Other children might avoid a child less developed in reading.

Consider this question from this perspective too.

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