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Play and Childrens development - Research Paper Example

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This paper will examine play and children’s development. It is evident that children normally engage in exploratory play while the adults tend to engage in rule-bound play. Research reveals that adult play and child play normally involve learning, exploration, risks, and a total involvement of the participants in the act. …
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Play and Childrens development
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Parents are thought to contribute to the reduction in play among children. It is evident that some parents tend to force the children to concentrate much on the books without giving them time to play. Their intentions for doing this are normally to ensure the child performs well in schools. Research also suggests that increased exposure of children to the television also makes them lack enough time to play. The enhancement of technology has also affect child play. This is because with the introduction of computer games most children have preferred to play such games, instead of engaging in physical play that can be beneficial to their health ((Berne, 49).
Play has normally proved to have some benefits towards the development of a child. One of the importance of play in child development is that play normally allows children to use their creativity. Creativity is normally in born, and in doing this, children are normally in a position to develop their dexterity, their imaginations, and their cognitive, emotional and physical strength. Research suggests that play is of immense importance for the development of the brain in kids. This is because when children are given an opportunity to play, they are normally in a position to interact with the world around them.
To ensure the effective development of a child through play, it is essential that play among children becomes undirected. This is because it is through this that the children normally learn the importance of group work, and sharing. Play also enables children to learn how to negotiate with each other when faced with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Play and Childrens Development Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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