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How do I write an evaluation plan of a HIV promotion campaign

  • How do I write an evaluation plan of a HIV promotion campaign in sight 
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Evaluation plan is the essential part of proposal. It is aimed to provide information on project improvement during its development and implementation.

There are several types of proposals, but each of them can be simple or elaborated. And if with the first one you can go all by yourself, then with second one it is recommended to use help of a professional.

Evaluation plan should include several basic elements, which are specific to the type of evaluation you perform.

So, for a formative evaluation you should rate both initial and ongoing activities of evaluated project, provide new insights and include a review of the principal investigator or external evaluator.

A summative evaluation would require to rate the quality of the project, present the collected information also include external evaluator’s review.

So, depending on the type of plan you choose, you would follow different evaluation scenario. Still, the evaluation process itself has common stages. They usually include general steps, like preparation, implementation, etc. We’ll name them shortly here for your better understanding.

  1. Create a clear project model.
  2. Think of possible evaluation questions
  3. Develop the design of evaluation
  4. Get data to be analyzed.
  5. Process the collected data and present the results.
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