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Name Tutor Course Date Analyzing American Public Schools United States public education system has undergone several reforms in the past mostly intended to improve performance and graduation rate. However due to certain underlying issues, certain population of students are succeeding in US public schools and others are not…
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Download file to see previous pages However, many American believe in the ability of their public education to satisfy the needs of the society. The three major reasons for this are: funding inequalities and segregation, curriculum and assessment systems and educational behavior policy. United States public education has often promised high quality education for all its citizens irrespective of race, ethnicity and income. However, education system perpetuates high level inequality and most children do not have access to equal opportunities. The level of segregation is so high today in the United States that cannot be compared to any other time after 1968 (Darling-Hammond, 16). According to Darling-Hammond (17), the schools attended by the students of color in the United States of America are not only segregated but less resourced compared to the ones attended by their white counterparts. In this regard, they are not able to meet current learning requirements. It is important to note that inequality has a lot of influence on the performance of students at school. “Recent studies of schools and students learning have focused less on organizational constraints of material resources and shifted the emphasis towards organizational structures and processes such as leadership, efficacy among educators in school” (Sadovnik, 138) rather than issues of increasing segregation and financial inequality. Curricula and educational systems form the second reason for the disparity in performances in different public schools in the United States. Sadovnik explores different theories and explains how educational processes impacts on how people work, think, role in society, life and whether they are likely to succeed or not. Educational processes and learning system should provide opportunity for all students based on their merit and not to increase social inequalities since these have impact on the outcome of their learning. Sociology of Education is therefore important in identifying different educational problems and providing solutions. However, in the United States, this has been a continuous cycle that has not yielded any fruit. According to Sadovnik, “Modern System of public mass schooling appear to travel a continuous cycle of identifying problems, constructing solutions, and implementing new reforms, only to start the process all over again” (234). These are fruitless efforts thus there are no any improvements in the performance. In this regard, poor education system coupled by inequality increases the opportunity gap and reduces early opportunity to learn. Other key factors include; poverty, poor curricula, school funding, dysfunctional education environment, academic tests and lack of qualified teachers. Kozol also wondered why the education systems holds an eight year old child “accountable” for her learning in a standardized tests yet the administrators of the same system are not held accountable for denying the child what the child should be given to succeed (53). In this respect, there are other hindrances to high performance that are not the prerogative of the learners. Behavior change with respect to education policy is another reason for reduction in performance for most public schools. The availability of teachers and the nature of children-children and teacher-children interactions plays an important role in promoting effective learning process or perpetuate social ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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