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Education Development System in the USA - Essay Example

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The essay is about the development of the USA education system from international point of view. The essay will describe the public education system and the school reformation process in the USA as well as the prominent improvements in the educational system and the analysis of world cultural theory and various perspectives of education system…
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Education Development System in the USA
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Extract of sample "Education Development System in the USA"

Download file to see previous pages According to a study of NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress), the students of suburban and rural areas of Northeastern and Midwestern districts of the USA possess equivalent knowledge in TIMSS (Third International Math and Science Studies) at par with the students of highest scoring districts in the USA (Flanagan and Grissmer, 2002). However, certain urban areas of the USA perform similarly as third world countries (Harris & Chrispeels, 2006). The USA is known as the most diverse nation internationally as it has variety of contributions, procedures and yields regarding educational issues. Another major feature of the USA’s educational system is the inclination to embrace variety of change attempts for development of education (Flanagan and Grissmer, 2002). a) Early History There is difference in the education system of America with other countries in the sense that in America the education is the primary duty of state and that of individual schools. The formal educational system in the USA was established in 19th century. At that time, an American leader named Jefferson had recommended for establishing the public school system. In the 18th century, the private school system became standard form of education. The education system was primarily religious. According to Jefferson, the education ought to be directed by the government and must be free from religious preconception. He thought that the education should be available to each person without concerning the class in the society. Besides Jefferson there are other leaders who provided an undertaking for government educational system were Benjamin Rush, George Washington, Robert Coram and Noah...
According tp the report several countries had conducted studies for evaluating the impact of adaptation of SFA in the schools. In countries such as Canada and England minor alteration has been made to adapt the SFA program in schools in contrast to Mexico, Israel and Australia where major alterations has been made to adapt the SFA program. With respect to schooling there are two diverse perceptions: one is ‘anthropologists’ and the other one is ‘institutionalists’. The anthropologist focuses on state dissimilarity and variation from region to region. On the other hand, the institutionalists argued on the dissimilarity view of anthropologists and said that many schools all over the world are becoming alike with time. Every school is slowly taking the same educational structure.
The world culture theorists are greatly aware about the changes that happened in the educational institutions, regional schools and local classrooms. The innovation in the educational system cannot be overlooked.
This paper comes to the conclusion that the anthropologists must realize that the culture theory has great significance for education. The researchers must not mislead others and themselves by ignoring the real picture as well as the reformers also should be careful about the new educational system. The reformers must not ignore the international education structure. The researchers who are ignorant of the international models underneath the prevailing diverseness in local perspective are merely playing with the outside of educational reform. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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