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Compare the education between Saudi Arabia and United state - Essay Example

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There are many dimensions of education which need to be addressed to make education as a key to developing the nation. The United States and Saudi Arabia have different views in terms of their educational systems. Some…
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Compare the education between Saudi Arabia and United state
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Extract of sample "Compare the education between Saudi Arabia and United state"

Download file to see previous pages The research will aim at bringing into focus thoseelements that the educational system in Saudi Arabia can learn from the United States of America.
Saudi Arabia and the United States have been allies for a very long time. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is growing and aims to be among the top developed nations of the world. USA, on the other hand, is the most developed country. There are also some similarities and differences between the educational systems in the two countries. But when it comes to the infrastructure, syllabus, course curriculum and its teaching methods, and the quality of education USA will be found to be better than in Saudi Arabia. Thus for this research paper, the problem statement can be stated as “the educational system in Saudi Arabia is not competent enough like the educational system in USA”
The paper will be discussing the importance of education in general in the initial phase to realize its significance in society. This section will discuss the importance of the educational institutions in disbursing proper education. After that two segments will briefly discuss the crux and mechanics of the education system prevailing in the two nations which help us in creating a sense of differentiation and similarity between the two systems. The differences will be then thoroughly discussed and areas will be unfurled where the essence of educational system of USA can be implemented in Saudi. Research also identified that USA is facing some crisis and that will be discussed in the subsequent section. After that a brief literature survey will be executed to gain stronger foothold over the subject matter and validating the problem statement and reaching the aim and objectives of the paper.
Education has been considered as an important part in the human society since the development of the civilized world. Human societies across many ages put their interests in the quality of education. The importance of education must not be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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