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Racism against African American in the education system in United States - Research Paper Example

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It is a belief that human beings have varying features that define their respective cultures and is mostly expressed through belief that one’s race is superior to the…
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Extract of sample "Racism against African American in the education system in United States"

Download file to see previous pages Hence, one cannot help but wonder when racism will become a history, especially in the current education systems. The following essay will focus on racism as witnessed in the current education systems in the American education system as well as some of the problem’s practical solutions (Carol, p.18).
Since the time when racial segregation in the American education system was deemed unconstitutional by a Supreme Court in Brown v. Board of Education nearly six decades ago, a lot has changed. For instance, the landmark civil rights legislation and the civil rights movement have enabled the participation in our independent system possible for millions of African Americans and members of other marginal groups. Also, the national government commenced a War on Poverty and also, the United States voted its first Black president. However, despite the development, what has remained unaffected is the persistent racial prejudice in the United States public learning systems. The prejudice is patent in a number of ways such as unrelenting racial segregation in the American schools, the enormous imbalance in resource distribution between majority White schools and majority-minority schools. In addition, it is manifested in the uneven treatment of racial minority students within the schools, in spite of the degree of unification. Consequently, these factors contribute towards undermining the social, economic, and political prospective and chances of racial minorities in the United States. Moreover, the facts are responsible for the second-class nationality that has defined this group in America for centuries (Dorinda, p.10).
In large part, since the United States public education system has failed them, compared to their white peers, racial minority students in the United States lag behind radically. However, although various statistics present verification for this conclusion, the inequality in high school ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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