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Racism of African Americans in the US - Research Paper Example

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RACISM OF AFRICAN AMERICANS IN THE UNITED STATES Instructor Date Introduction The attempts of abolishing racism in America against the African American community should begin from the understanding of its origin. This will enable us to develop an effective plan of making the current racist situation in the United States better than it was before…
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Racism of African Americans in the US
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"Racism of African Americans in the US"

Download file to see previous pages The racist actions continue to haunt us and therefore we must struggle and address this issue with sincerity and consciousness so that we will stop to hurt each other as it has happened in the past. We must design the solution to the racism problem and stick to it so that eventually the society will be free with prevailing equality of all people regardless of their skin color or origin. This paper gives an analytical discussion of the racism of the African Americans in the United States. The origins of racism are described and the modern racist actions in the US explained with an inclusion of the role of the media in racism and the fights against racism. The origins of racism Racism in America traces back to 1400s during the era of colonization. The Europeans colonized the Americas and Africans during this period. The colonizers believed that they were superior and these ideas were used to as a justification of the forceful taking of land, discrimination, and exploitation of other races. The European wanted labor force for their plantations and industries within their colonies in the Americas. Because of this, the European slave traders captured African slaves from parts of west and central Africa during the Trans-Atlantic trade. These slaves were then shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas where they provided forced labor in harsh conditions. The slavery and discrimination during this period led to the death of very many African slaves. This illustrated how the adventures of the European with an exploration spirit led to the discovery of new lands in America and Africa, which eventually led to slavery. There were many cases of cruelty against the American natives during the colonial period. The European colonizers of America wanted to obtain the northern territories of America. Because of the need to conquer America, there were many massacres, wars and displacement of Native Americans. The Trail of tears for example led to the deaths of very many Native Americans most of whom were restricted their rights to food with forceful displacements and imposition of various treaties by the colonial master. The early racism against the black community was experienced soon after the European colonialists settled in Virginia. The court rulings in the 18th century were supportive of the slavery of the black people from Africa and sometimes the native communities of America. Racism and discrimination in the United States was institutionalized in the 19th century. Discriminatory and racist laws disenfranchised the people of African descent especially in the southern part of America. Even if they were allowed poll taxes and to vote, shocking acts of terror against the African American was done by the KKK group. This period recorded the worst cases of racism against the black Americans. This is the time when there was rampant segregation, demonstration of the white supremacy and racial discrimination against people of the African descent. Moreover, there were many race riots during this period and violence against the black community1. After the Second World War, there was the Great Migration of African Americans from the southern states of America to the north. These people moved in search for employment in the industrial centers within the northern part of America. Cities such as New York, Boston, and Chicago thus received many black American immigrants from the south. Because of this migration, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Racism of African Americans in the US Research Paper. https://studentshare.org/history/1438988-racism-of-african-americans-in-the-us.
“Racism of African Americans in the US Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1438988-racism-of-african-americans-in-the-us.
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