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Racism in the United States - Research Paper Example

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Name Professor Module Date Racism in United States Racism is a vice that still exists in the United States today and in various forms regardless of the efforts have been made left, right and centre to get rid of it. Racism in the most basic of terms identifies a certain race as superior to others and support of such views renders one to be a racist…
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Racism in the United States
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Racism in the United States

Download file to see previous pages... All other races at one point exhibit racist tendencies towards the Caucasians and among themselves. As far as the government is concerned there is no racism as the law is quite clear that it is illegal. As compared to earlier times of slavery and periods before the 1960s (when civil rights movements were most vocal), open racism has subsided in a huge way. Its form has also changed to be more covertly and technically portrayed than before. The education system, the justice system, health sector and the corporate sector in the United States are some sectors where many feel racism still exists. Immigration issue has also played a role towards racism. Campaigns against and for immigration have on numerous occasions centered on racism. These are some of the issues that lead to the discussion as to whether racism still exists in the United States since they touch on the lives of many. Racism in the US still exists but in a more subtle way as compared to yesteryears and past centuries, and it is manifested in all races not just Caucasians versus all others. Racism puts those being discriminated against in positions of uncertainty and sheer difficulty. Racists work towards ensuring the system is water tight to prevent success of the minority groups. Minority groups are blocked from fully participating in the education system, health system, corporate sector and other realms of social development, for example, politics. These scenarios are quite well depicted in Ellison’s Battle Royal. The author here tries to portray the life of an ordinary but eloquent and learned African American back in the early 20th century. At first the story informs that the young man is optimistic that, with his talent and education, the society will accommodate him. The society here means the whites in the boy’s community, and this is clearly illustrated when he says, “I visualized myself as a potential Booker T. Washington” (Ellison 939). The state of social affairs is also deduced from humility being the key point in his speech. The story further depicts the hard position in which racism put African Americans by stating that the audiences at the battle royal were divided on whether the fighters were to look at the naked girl dancing in front of them. This scenario saw a portion of the audiences order the fighters to look at the girl while the other portion ordered them not to do so owing to the belief that it is a taboo for an African American to stare at the nakedness of a white woman. The author stated “some threatened us if we looked and others if we did not. On my right I saw one boy faint” (Ellison 940). This taboo among many others, mostly in the Southern States, was meant to distant other races from marrying the whites and as tools to harass African American men. The Southern states has such high levels of discrimination against African Americans that even after the Civil Rights marches, many still lost their lives and a great deal of their properties including houses all for in the name of white women pursuance. The minority groups have for decades received promises of better lives and a bigger share of the national cake with no tangible evidence of these promises’ fulfillments. This is depicted by the fact that the gold coins are only made of brass thereby showing deception toward the African Americans. It is also clear that the African Ameri ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Racism in the United States
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