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Cristina Tzintzun, Arnulfo Manriquez, Carlos Perez de Alejo (editors), Presente: Latin@ Immigrant Voices in the Struggle for Racial Justice - Essay Example

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is a book that offers a new perspective on the rights of individuals written by immigrant workers. The book provides a new standpoint on the issues that affect immigrants in the United States of America. Cristina Tzintzun, Carlos Perez deAlejo, Armulfo Manriuez, wrote…
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Cristina Tzintzun, Arnulfo Manriquez, Carlos Perez de Alejo (editors), Presente: Latin@ Immigrant Voices in the Struggle for Racial Justice
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Extract of sample "Cristina Tzintzun, Arnulfo Manriquez, Carlos Perez de Alejo (editors), Presente: Latin@ Immigrant Voices in the Struggle for Racial Justice"

Download file to see previous pages According to the book, the immigrants seek for racial and economic justice.
The book gives the readers the opportunity to hear from individuals targeted before by the system. Cristina Tzintzun, the director of the Workers Defense Project, works to fight for refugees in the United States of America. Carlos Perez de Alejo, who is a director for the development of jobs of immigrants, protects the rights of immigrants in the country(Tzintzun, Perez De Alejo & Manriquez, 2014). It indicates that foreign Latin face racism in the United States of America. The authors provide opinions on the condition of the racism across the borders and the country in general. They offer a broad vision for the provision of justice to individuals. They argue that the government should develop policies that protect the immigrants. They feel the government is entitled to build models that help individuals in the country. The authors expect the government to the immigrants as active members of the society.
Immigration is a crucial topic in the lives of most foreigners living in the United States of America(Tzintzun, Perez De Alejo & Manriquez, 2014). Pressure from immigration movements enables the government to mention the possibility of registering immigrants in the country. It has resulted in political issues, and most of the politicians are giving their opinions on the vital matter. Immigration right activists feel that it is necessary for the government to register all the unregistered citizens in the US. The book describes how the United States of America differentiates between the Latin individuals. The middle and upper-class individuals white citizens in the United States of America circulate negative opinions about Mexicans immigrants. The authors analyzed the trend between the citizens of the US during the period they were victims of racism. Immigration activists try ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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