The treatment of inequality or discrimination based on race, class or gender - Essay Example

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The Treatment of Inequality or Discrimination Based on Race, Class or Gender Name: Professor: Institution: Date: When the war against drugs was launched, the government was ready to curb drug abuse by arresting traffickers, taking addicts to rehab as well as curtailing its entry into the United States by stricter border patrol policies and increased military support for states overwhelmed by the drug trafficking problem…
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The treatment of inequality or discrimination based on race, class or gender
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Download file to see previous pages In the first chapter the author exposes the insecurity that there is in the shelters built for the homeless by the City Department. A lot of those who are homeless on the streets opt for them because they are safer than the shelters which have gangs running them that the city workers aren’t aware of. This means that it is better for an individual to sleep on the streets than to sleep in a shelter where you risk getting attacked by a crew of men if they view you as a newcomer and a potential threat (Bourgois and Jeffrey, 2009). There is also rampant racism within gangs as they are formed on a racial basis if a person is not of your race group then they cannot be a member of the gang you belong to and so if one is of a minority or the only member of their race in that area they will face hardship as they are viewed as both outsiders and competition. The high violence rate in shelters has meant that a majority of elderly who are of no value to gangs opt to stay outside where it is safer for them. A lot of poor associate with African American culture and although it appeals for its coolness, it does not aid one in social mobility especially in corporate America where it is viewed with disdain (Bourgois and Jeffrey, 2009). ...
In the community women are expected to be submissive to men and not exhibit aggressive tendencies as is shown by people’s criticism of Tina’s behavior, however, the community is exploitative of women, stories of sexual abuse and men preying on underage girls are not uncommon (Bourgois and Jeffrey, 2009). For a woman to survive independently in the community she must therefore commit random acts of violence that show that she can be as aggressive as the men in case a man is not taking her seriously. The men in the community also view women as property and to prevent this from happening women such as Tina must be ready to rely on themselves and limit the amount of trust that they place in men (Bourgois and Jeffrey, 2009). Growing up in a home that has a woman participating in these vices means a girl child is not safe even in her own home as her mother/sister or Aunt will bring men who she engages in sexual acts with so as to earn upkeep. These men will at time prey on the girls and if not, give them drugs and thus introduce them to the vices at an early age (Bourgois and Jeffrey, 2009). The abuse of heroin is unique to the other drugs in that unlike the rest withdrawal symptoms of heroin are so severe, that those who are arrested and stay in remand for three days or more remain crouched in a corner unable to function. Heroin addicts will often defecate on themselves due to the pain and compare it to extreme torture such as having your bones scraped or death (Bourgois and Jeffrey, 2009). In a community of addicted bodies the effects of Heroin are brought out plainly as it is the only drug whose abuse breaks the tight racial communities that often form drug abuse communities. Tina as a woman ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Treatment of Inequality or Discrimination Based on Race, Class or Essay.
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