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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Inequalities Ever since time immemorial, the rule of survival has always been that only the fittest survive. Humans understand this law of natural selection. They have thus construed a number of survival techniques from it. C Wright Mills, a great19th century psychologist asserts that humans have used the idea of superiority to exploit others and ensure their survival all through history…
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Download file to see previous pages One principle that has been misconstrued and misunderstood all through the American history is that most people tend to assume that nationalism and racism in an ethnocentric group are naturally the same (Jonathan, 2005). In this sense, a group of people considers themselves owners of the land and the rest as mere intruders. Following this understanding, the owners of the land therefore in a feeling of the right to posses back their land discriminate on other races and ethnic groups in an attempt of making them abandon their possession on the land. Indigenous Americans commonly referred to as the Hispanic Americans previously owned the United States of America. During the colonization period, Britons migrated into the land and gained possession of most of the means of production. Their entry into the land gave room for other white immigrants to settle in. the world was not industrialized then and they therefore needed free labor in their plantations, thus compelled the white colonial masters to obtain Africans through an illegitimate act of slave trade. This way, Africans too found their way into the country. The indigenous Americans became a marginalized community and has remained so for a long time, the white colonialists and other white immigrants became legitimate Americans and in a sense of nationalism formed a number of discriminating structures to frustrate the Africans living among them and many other marginalized community. Analytically, America belongs to none of the contenders, the Africans moved from Africa while most of the whites emigrated from Europe, coming to a foreign country and developing a strong feeling of nationalism towards the very country is delusional and was simply a means to survival. The whites created a sense of more self worth and self-impotence and the expense of the Africans thereby gaining more economic power through owning most of the means of production. Most people approach discrimination either psychologically or sociologically. This kind of approach is somewhat narrow since it does not consider the fact that prejudice exist in both. Young Bruehl an American psychologist purports that there is a great interplay between psychology and sociology. He believes that the discriminating factors of race, ethnicity and gender among other are always in the human background and that more often than not, human refer to such segregating thoughts when formulating their interactions with others. In this, the discriminating attitudes come naturally to humans. More often than not, women have considered themselves weaker to men and men have considered themselves stronger than women. Such acts of self-discrimination and chauvinism portray themselves in social places where both genders interact and come naturally without coercion. It is natural fore the oppressed to form an oppressed mentality; such people will always see discrimination in every action of the dominant group. In the American society, the most oppressed group, the African Americans always found a way of raising discrimination in nearly all aspects of life and social coexistence with their white counterparts. Both races commit crimes and the laws of the land defines a particular mode of treatment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Inequalities Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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