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Analyse and explain different types of equality by referring to the debates on them - Essay Example

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Equality is always supposed to apply to all the people without compromises occasioned by differences in biographical, geographical, as well as social perspectives. Equality is one of the…
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Analyse and explain different types of equality by referring to the debates on them
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Extract of sample "Analyse and explain different types of equality by referring to the debates on them"

Download file to see previous pages In connection to the above, it is critical to understand that the issue of absolute equality cannot always be realized in its absolute totality. This follows the differences that are always inherent in the human beings. For instance, the capabilities of individuals are not commensurate. This means that some individuals may be capable of other things whereas their fellow counterparts may not be capable of the same things the others can do.
In this respect, the issue of absolute equality can be considerably compromised (Hollander, 2014). In relation to the above, it is of critical significance to acknowledge the fact that when it comes to rewards, the people who may have succeeded in performing certain tasks may get rewarded in proportions that outdo those of the other fellows who may have also vested their efforts in doing the same thing, but have failed to succeed. In this manner, the notion that all of them are rewarded for their vested efforts is a clear representation of practice of equality (Hollander, 2011). This is evident concerning the fact that those who partook the task have all been rewarded. However, the issue of absolute equality may not apply in such a situation. This follows that those who may have succeeded in performing the tasks assigned may get more rewards as compared to the ones who may have failed to execute their best in the same tasks. As such, it is important to note that the latter proves that equality does not necessarily refer to total or absolute equality.
In this respect, it is of crucial significance to understand the real meaning of the term equality. Relevant to the above, it is of critical significance to note that equality may mean the absence of all unnatural, as well as, unjust inequalities (Hands, 2015). Unjust inequalities may always take two different forms. Some of the forms of unjust inequalities may comprise of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analyse and Explain Different Types of Equality by Referring to the Essay.
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