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Prejudice and Discrimination 5. How are people recruited to the organization you are involved in? After having a socially acceptable level of education it normally becomes the target of any individual to enter an organization with comfortable position to lead his future life…
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Sociology - Prejudice and Descrimination
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Download file to see previous pages There are abundant opportunities in various fields of employment in organizations across the country, but the recruitment process prevalent in most of them proves discouraging to aspirants recognized to be from socially and religiously lower sections. In the land of opportunities and equality of eligibility, the cause of a conceptual difference for such inhuman discriminative qualities has no place. However, it is true that the present trend of recruitment in most of the organizations is politically influenced. Unlike the directives of their memorandum that reserves equal rights to all aspirants, company managements are lenient to the interest of external forces governed by some invisible racial groups. My personal experience was not different; even as I was one of the best qualified candidates, I was asked to submit the recommendation letters from the ruling political party leaders and the local upper class religious head. This is the situation in general and the recruitment to majority of the organizations is processed through the hands of many unconcerned parties due to the strong influence of the disguisedly existing racism. 8. What would the composition of your workplace look like at the all levels if it truly reflected the racial diversity of the community? Every unit of workplace or association of individual should as far reflect as possible the image of a social model comprising the cultural sample of the country. I think my school would have a different look if it was a conglomeration of diverse culture blended by the composition of different races of the community. In the present scenario, the cultural learning and social outlook of every student is confined to the limited exposure they hail from the school atmosphere. If it was an open ground for entrants from all sections of the society, the fundamental principle of humanity and collective progress of the country would easily be accomplished. Now, a student with such social constraints during his formative ages comes out to the world of reality and fails at his trials for fitting himself to a comfortable situation. The school must be platform for the students to inculcate their social habits and form the beliefs thereof with intent to be capable enough to adapt themselves to changing social conditions. This part of the game is possible only if the schools are equipped with facilities for building interpersonal relationships, which can be done only through the exposure to a multiracial school ambience. As the main purpose of the schools is to teach human values and the essential knowledge for survival, they must act as the social basement for constructing promising personalities beyond the notions of cultural and racial disparities. If the school reflected the cultural racial diversity without promoting its positive sides, it would only look like a place for violence and training centre for excellence in dangerous social setbacks. 17. List three things you can do to defend or strengthen affirmative action programs in your workplace, community or state. The present scenario shows that the issue of discriminations at workplaces takes its roots to the behavior of individuals during their schooling ages. I think, students can promise many things in pursuit of the programs to strengthen affirmative action against the social evil that stands against the prosperity of the country. In my belief, three ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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