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Individual Reflection Paper - Essay Example

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PERSONAL WELL-BEING Tutor Institution Date Personal Well- Being Arguably, personal well-being can be referred to ways in which an individual feel satisfied and content in life and to motivate them undertake their daily endeavors effectively. Individuals based on their health, happiness and success express personal well-being…
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Individual Reflection Paper
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Download file to see previous pages According to Ferguson, personal well-being is very essential to people’s lives and is the most valuable thing that people can ever possess. Ferguson states that having physical, emotional and psychological health enables an individual to treat others in a just and humble way (Ferguson, 2008). This paper provides a very thoughtful discussion about the concept of personal well-being; the signs, sources, and strategies used to promote personal well-being to enable us interact and communicate with each other effectively. Various signs of personal well-being exist and Prilleltensky refers to these signs as the manifestations of well-being. The signs for personal wellbeing enable individuals to be able to analyze themselves and identify the positive and negative signs, their strengths as well as their weaknesses. Prilleltensky clarifies that he act of personal well-being is mainly expressed by sense of control, physical and mental health, self-determination, optimism, meaning, self-effectiveness among others (Prilleltensky, 2006). Particularly, the signs of organizational well-being are collaborative relationships, democratic participation, diverse workforce and meritocracy, and clarity of roles. Generally, collective well-being manifests here there is fair and equitable resource allocation and power, universal access to high quality education, and required living standards (Prilleltensky, 2006). Sense of control is achieved when individuals are able to control their lives and make decisions on their own without any external influence, hence enabling them to be creative to achieve their goals and set higher self-esteem. Self-control promotes self-identity where an individual realizes their strengths, moral upstanding, and capabilities (Boniwell, 2012). Boniwell adds that having sense of control of one’s life in particular, is a very important sign of personal well-being. Meaning as a sign of personal well-being is very important and in most cases, it manifests during our personal interactions with each other. Every person, every friend has influence in showing a person how important he or she is, the value they add in their lives as well as others motivates people often and this make them lead a purposeful and meaningful life. More so, both physical and mental health is very essential for an individual to enjoy their life and welfare. Human beings need to be physically fit, psychologically and mentally to be able to carry out their daily activities effectively. Accordingly, one has to be self-determined and effective in order to achieve the set goals. Optimism is another sign of personal welfare that also plays a significant role in personal growth and development. When a person is optimistic, he is entitled to personal enhancement as he develops a goal-oriented mind and focuses on how to achieve these goals. It is obvious that everyone get satisfied whenever one has achieved his or her goals. This motivates them to live a very optimistic and successful life hence promoting high personal well-being. Therefore, signs of personal growth manifests when individuals have positive attitude towards them, self-determined, independent and have full control of their lives to promote their personal growth. Prilleltensky states that sources of well-being correspond to specific signs of the personal wellness. For instance, having sense of c ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Individual Reflection Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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