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Significance of HRM to organizational profitability and survival - Term Paper Example

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This paper “Significance of HRM to organizational profitability and survival” will reflect on the degree to which each one of the HRM aspects contributes to the achievement of organizational goals as well as on how the HRM role can be enhanced for influencing workplace behavior…
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Significance of HRM to organizational profitability and survival
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, affirmative action refers to the deliberate organizational approach to addressing past practices of discrimination, by proactively recruiting, hiring and promoting the previously marginalized groups at the workplace including women, minorities, and disabled individuals, among others. EEO is essential at my workplace because it has fostered fairness in all the various human resource aspects of our organization, from hiring to training and development, to promotion of deserving human resources. At my workplace, EEO regulations protects all employees against discrimination on the basis demographical factors; as a result, everyone is treated with respect and dignity that they deserve, regardless of their sex, color, religion, nationality, disability and age.
The new knowledge gained in the process of this reflective exercise is that EEO instills confidence in all employees at the workplace while enhancing their self-motivation and commitment towards the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. This fosters the development of a unified and fully integrated workforce that is not only highly motivated and committed to the organization, but also actively engaged in the pursuit of organizational goals and objectives (Koç, Çavus & Saraçoglu, 2014). My future career plan as a HRM professional is more likely to be greatly influenced by the understanding that all human resources are entitled to a fair chance in the hiring process, as well as equal opportunities to promotions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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