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An analysis of HRM methods used in order to maintain low staff turnover at Burger king - Essay Example

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INTRODUCTION The cost of staff turnover is the cost which the personnel of Human Resource Management estimate to be one fifty percent of the annual wage and benefits of the employees. But low staff turnover rate may actually be an indication of a greater and more costly problem and that is lack of employee engagement…
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An analysis of HRM methods used in order to maintain low staff turnover at Burger king
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Download file to see previous pages No matter what the size of an organization is or the amount of its resources, the organization survives and thrives because of abilities and capabilities of the people working there. The activities to maximize that ability and those capabilities are essential as to improve the performance of the workers. These activities are called human resource management and are the responsibility of all people in the organization (Heathfield, 2011). The organizational function, Human Resource Management (HRM) includes a range of activities that deals with issues related to employees such as; recruiting and training the best employees, dealing with performance issues, ensuring they are working efficiently and giving their best, deciding what staffing needs the company has and ensuring management practices conform to the regulations. The HRM function also includes organization development, employee motivation, communication, administration, wellness, safety, compensation and benefits. HRM is a comprehensive and strategic approach to managing the workplace environment and culture, and the people. Effective Human Resource Management enables the workforce to contribute productively and efficiently to the overall organization direction and towards the achievement of the organization's objectives and goals. HRM is the strategic utilization of the employees through which the company expect to add value to its products (Heathfield, 2011). STAFF TURNOVER Staff turnover is the rate at which an employer or an organization loses or gains employees. Simple way to describe staff turnover is how long employees tend to stay at the company. If an organization is said to have a high turnover comparative to its competitors, that means that workers of that organization have a shorter average tenure than those of other organizations in the same industry. High turnover may be damaging to a company's productivity if the skilled employees are frequently leaving and the worker population consists of a high portion of trainee workers. There a lot of factors that affect staff turnover, some are within the organizations control while others are completely beyond the control of the organization. One of the most common reasons given for leaving a particular company is the availability of higher paying job in some other firm. Some low wage employees are reported to leave a job for another that pays only fifty cents more per hour. The performance of the company is another element that plays part in staff turnover. If the firm is not performing well and is perceived to be in economic difficulty, this will also raise the spectre of imminent layoffs. Employees believe that it is sensible to look for other employment. The organizational culture; the capability of the company to obtain a sense of commitment on the part of workforce, the power of management, and the firm’s development of a sense of shared goals influences indices of job satisfaction as turnover rate and turnover intentions. Some jobs are inherently more attractive than others. A job's attractiveness is affected by many characteristics, challenge, repetitiveness, danger, capability to elicit a sense of achievement and perceived importance. The status of the job is also significant, so are many other factors. Another aspect that affect staff turnover is the general lack of knowledge and unrealistic expectations that job applicants may have about when they receive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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