Resourcing and Talent Management - Case study and Research - Assignment Example

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The organisation has merged with two smaller entities and the staff members are now in three different locations of, which include Manchester, London and New York with 300, 1,000 and 275 staff…
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Resourcing and Talent Management - Case study and Research
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Download file to see previous pages The working options are somewhat rigid and the human resource management systems are not very fair.
This report is written on the background of these issues and identifies the major UK labour market and its linkage to the issue at hand. The report will look at the critical issues in the organization and the possible solutions to the issue.
There are some elements of the human resource management and talent management system that seem to be problematic. These issues form the basis and foundation of the challenges that is facing at the moment.
From the scenario, it appears there is a merger of and some other companies. Mergers normally bring up cultural differences and matters that leads to major conflicts and issues in an organisation.
When a merger is done and reasonable care is not taken to streamline the culture and the activities of the members of the two organisations, there is bound to be cultural tensions and issues that affects talent management and human resource issues.
Cultural issues in mergers and acquisitions that have bearings on talent management and human resource management appear in the initial planning stage, closing of the deal and the post-merger integration stage (Harzing and Ruysseveldt, 2012). This involves the cultural clash of the different entities that come together under the merger and acquisition agreement. From this case, seem to have major problems and issues that relates to the clashes of cultures which is creating some degree of confusion that is having an adverse impact on the performance of the charitable organisation.
It appears there is a major issue with the coordination of affairs between the London, Manchester and New York offices of the company. And this is probably a cause of some human resource management issues and matters which could include amongst ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Resourcing and Talent Management - Case Study and Research Assignment.
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