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Why Evolution Is True - Term Paper Example

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In this paper, “Why Evolution Is True?” the author will confer the origin of life basing our attention at the theory of evolution; its origin, supporting evidence, critics, and philosophical, theological and sociological reflections…
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Why Evolution Is True
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Why Evolution Is True

Download file to see previous pages... Most religions believe in a common concept of creation by a Supernatural Being. A commonly accepted account of this theory is found in the Bible, which is inscribed that God created the earth and all its content in five days and by words and on the sixth day He created man from mud. Despite the shortage of evidence to support this claim, the theory was, and it still is widely accepted by people. According to Coyne 2009, “if we came across a watch lying on the ground, he said, we would certainly recognize it as the work of a watchmaker. Likewise, the existence of a well adapted organism and their intricate features surely implies a conscious, celestial designer- God (p. 17).
A different theory that got publicity was the theory of spontaneous generation; this theory suggests that living organisms rise suddenly and spontaneously from no-living matter (Lennox, 1982). For example, crocodiles were believed to originate from logs of wood in the water. This theory was widely accepted in ancient Greek and Egypt. The theory was supported by many famously known scientists and philosophers including Aristotle, Descartes and Galileo. However, this theory was disapproved in the 19th century by Louis Pasteur, who through several experiments, proved that life had to originate from other living organisms.
Another theory explaining the origin of life is the theory of Panspermia. This theory proposes that living organisms like bacteria exists throughout the entire universe and that through meteoroids, asteroids and other heavenly bodies; they travel randomly until they find planets with ideal conditions for growth. Earth was one of the planets with these conditions and when heavenly bodies carrying living organism collided, life began. Some forms of the panspermia hypothesis suggest that life commenced elsewhere in the universe and arrived here on earth through comets, meteorites or planetary collision (Andrulis, 2011).
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It is this paper’s position that the human race came about as they are now through the process of evolution. The author believes that living organisms today evolved through the process of natural selection and this has been the key to the survival of living things on earth.
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Why Evolution is True
Life came from a molecule and from this molecule evolved different life forms. This is truth supported by evidence, according to evolutionists. But life is the result of “intelligent design,” a deity who breathed life into the “nostrils” of man. And that needs no evidence.
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On the other hand, disruptive selection occurs when extreme traits are chosen over intermediate traits whereas stabilizing selection is when intermediate traits are selected over extreme traits. 8. Genetic drift and mutation can lead to
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Why Evolution Is True by Jerry A. Coyne (Penguin Books) Published in 2010
The theory of Human evolution was initially given by Darwin and thus it is also known as a Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. His famous book “Why Evolution is true?” was published in 2009. In this book he discussed all the evolution
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Is Evolution True
Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection stipulates that evolutionary changes occur through production of different genotypes and differential survival of individuals with different combinations of
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Why Evolution Is True
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Reflection of chapter themes in the book Why Evolution is True by Jerry A Coyne
The essay shall firstly review every chapter as a demonstration of the scientific concepts of evolution. As a summary, at the end of the essay, other concepts of evolution based on Philosophy, Theology and
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Is Evolution True
The writer states that life on earth has evolved gradually and it began with only one primitive species as a self-replicating molecule that existed 3.5 billion years ago. The paper describes the evolution fact, how genetics have changed overtime, the whole idea of gradualism and the many generations in which evolution has undergone.
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