Reflection of chapter themes in the book Why Evolution is True by Jerry A Coyne - Term Paper Example

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Such contrasting proposals were called theories and, included the Creation theory, Evolution theory and many more. This essay is a reflection of the…
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Reflection of chapter themes in the book Why Evolution is True by Jerry A Coyne
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Download file to see previous pages Lastly, the scientific concept of evolution shall be criticized based on a personal opinion.
Evolution has been defined as the gradual genetic change that the species usually undergo due to the environmental pressures. The DNA, a vital element of the animal cell, has taken all the living creatures to a single common ancestor. Most animals share the patterns of their DNA. This was before the evolution took place. The evolution eventually took place and the organisms have been biologically and geographically separated from each other. Evolution took place in three different forms. These are: Gradualism, Speciation and the Natural selection. In gradualism, the species take several generations to attain the desired change that will enhance their survival. Thus, evolution takes many years to be fully achieved. Speciation is the process whereby organisms split into different species. It is the evolution of different species that cannot easily interbreed. Natural selection, according to Coyne, is just but a ‘tinkerer’. This means that natural selection does not yield any original perfection in a species but, only improves on what ha s already been established. In this chapter, a number of theories have been brought forward. They included the evolution theory, cell theory, plate tectonic theory and atomic theory. However, the book specifically concentrates on the evolution, which, argues that all living organisms originated from a common ancestor.
Chapter Two concentrates on the Fossils as evidence of evolution. Fossils are the remnants of the ancient species that resemble the living animals of today. The fossils have always been there since the beginning of time; even Darwin and Aristotle discussed fossils in their books. Fossil formation takes a few but very lengthy steps. First, there must be remains of either animals or plants. These remains must sink in deep waters for quite a long time. However, the sunken remains must be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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