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Why Evolution is True - Research Paper Example

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Life came from a molecule and from this molecule evolved different life forms. This is truth supported by evidence, according to evolutionists. But life is the result of “intelligent design,” a deity who breathed life into the “nostrils” of man. …
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Why Evolution is True
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Extract of sample "Why Evolution is True"

Download file to see previous pages Discussion over truth of man’s existence and origin of life, evolutionism versus intelligent design, has long been held. Professor Jerry Coyne from the University of Chicago is on one side arguing and proving that evolution is true. Evidence is found in plants and animals and every living thing found in nature. This essay is about truth or falsity of evolution theory. Coyne has thoroughly dissected Darwin’s theory of evolution and the concept of natural selection. This will examine Coyne’s support of the evolution theory, provide a critique and apply philosophical, theological, and sociological reflections on Coyne’s views.
Coyne summarized the modern theory of evolution and this is: “Life on Earth evolved gradually beginning with one primitive species – perhaps a self-replicating molecule – that lived more than 3.5 billion years ago” (Coyne, 2009, p. 3). Coyne further said that this molecular “thing” started to spread, giving various life forms and performing the acts of evolutionary change, guided by the principle of natural selection. Coyne’s summary of the evolution theory consists of 6 elements: “evolution, gradualism, speciation, common ancestry, natural selection, and nonselective mechanisms of evolutionary change” (Coyne, p. 3). His proposition that evolution is true simply means that the six elements are all true. ...
Coyne (2009) adds: “Humans … evolved from a creature that is ape-like, but not identical to modern apes” (p. 4). The various species evolved at different rate and for a long period of time, a matter of millions of years. Whales and humans evolved rapidly but not other living animals since some of them looked almost the same hundreds of millions of years ago. Some scientists believe that the whale’s flippers were used to be walking legs. Whether that is true, it is a theory, or part of the theory. The concept of gradualism, as one element of evolution, states that evolution takes place for many generations. Birds and reptiles evolved from something different before. The evolution of the teeth and jaws that distinguish mammals from reptiles occurred for hundreds or thousands, or millions, of generations. But there are some that undergo evolution for very short generations, or very short period of time. The microbes undergo a lot of evolution in just a few minutes. A considerable change due to evolution occurs for thousands of years. Different species evolve differently and requires different time interval. It depends on the evolutionary pressure. But when a species becomes well adapted to a permanent habitat, evolution mellows down. All of us, meaning all life forms, evolved from a single species but there have been over ten million species living on Earth today. The diversity of species seemed mysterious as we all evolve from one ancestral form. But from this one ancestral form evolved millions of species. This part of evolution is known as splitting. Creatures with recent common ancestors share many traits, while those whose common ancestors lay in the distant past are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Why Evolution Is True by Jerry A. Coyne (Penguin Books) Published in 2010

... they are created at once and that animals and the human beings are different from their origin. Both the concepts of evolution and the creation are very much opposite to each other. The subject of the book is very important to be clearly understood in our own life. In other words we can also say that “Why Evolution is true” is the summary of all the facts of Darwin’s evolution theory and also the natural selection process. Natural selection process is explained very well by the Darwin. This means that the one living organisms who strives for the life gets the chance to survive in the competitive environment. With the help of his arguments, Jerry Coyne has showed that the natural selection process do not destroy the beauty of life rather...
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..., the embryos of humans, fish, birds and rabbits look very similar during the early stages. In addition, they all have gill slits and two-chambered heart (Shubin, 2009). In conclusion, evolution by natural selection can still be exhibited in day to day life. For example, nowadays bacteria and viruses are constantly becoming resistant to antibiotics that would work effectively previously. Also, if two people get into a fight, the strongest is likely to win or whereby the strongest and fastest sperm cell usually fertilizes the ovum in reproduction. References Coyne, J. A. (2010). Why Evolution Is True. London: Penguin Books. Shubin, N. (2009). Your Inner Fish. New York: Vintage....
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Why Evolution Is True

... about evolution and simply the scientific evidence that supports evolution. The writer has incorporated various aspects of modern studies in genetics, geology, paleontology, anatomy, and molecular biology, which reveal the process initially proposed by Darwin. From reading this book, I can say boldly that I approve with Coyne saying that the fossil record exhibits an inclination of simple organisms preceding more complex organisms. To sum it up, this book does not prove that creationism theory is wrong, rather it sets the record straight by proving that the evolution is right. Reference Coyne, J. A. (2009). Why evolution is true. Oxford: Oxford University Press.... WHY EVOLUTION IS TRUE due:...
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Why Evolution Is True

..., and it is widely accepted as the most substantial explanation of the origin life on earth. And it is taught in schools in several countries all over the world. This theory of evolution is a step closer to understanding the human species and how to adapt to the future expected changes in the environment. References Andrulis, A. Erik. (2011). Theory of the Origin, Evolution, and Nature of Life. Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology, Case Western Reserve University school of Medicine. Coyne, A.J. (2009). Why Evolution is True. New York: Viking. Douglas, T. (2012). 29+ Evidence for Macroevolution, Scientific case of Common...
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Reflection of chapter themes in the book Why Evolution is True by Jerry A Coyne

...remained in their original states. Lastly, throughout the theory, the idea of a common ancestor has been mentioned on several occasions. However, both Darwin and Coyne failed to specify and mentioned that common ancestor. This idea of common ancestry, thus, remains an ambiguity in the science of evolution. More research needs to be done ascertain some disturbing findings of the evolution theory and confirm whether the evolution actually took place. Reference Coyne J. (2009). Why Evolution is true. City of Westminster, London: Penguins. Darwin F. (1909). The Foundation of the Origin of Species. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press....
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...Is Evolution True? al Affiliation: Is Evolution true? Chapter1:Introduction Jerry A. Coyne, a renowned from the University of Chicago conducts several researches on evolutionary speciation and genetics and he is the author of the book ‘why evolution is true’. In this book, he brings into focus a full-scale defence about the theory of evolution. He says that life on earth has evolved gradually and it began with only one primitive species, which he describes as a self-replicating molecule that existed 3.5 billion years ago. This molecule then branched out overtime and threw many species into the world and this represents an evolutionary change as a natural selection. The book describes the evolution fact, how genetics have changed overtime...
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Poverty and lack of education in the lives of young ones make them the most vulnerable amongst all human populations of any country or for that matter, the world. Committing a crime is not a remedy to get one’s hopes and needs fulfilled but there is a certain way to do everything and quite rightly so every s...
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VET practitioners, in order to be efficient, need to be patient and compassionate to those they serve. Flexibility to adjust to their students or various circumstances is also key. Ethical awareness and recognition of the equality of educational provision reflect a commitment to education. Socially, having a healthy respect for individual differences and knowing when to give merit to those deserving of it earns them the trust of others. Their self-confidence, openness, and...
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This is a small incident where an HR professional can play a vital role. An organization is also constantly looking for such solutions from its Human Resource Department. It is this expertise and skill, which a budding professional from any institute should be equipped.
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In so much so that censorship and other restrictions, imposed by governments, critiques, audiences and other artists may condone a certain message of restraint that could bring about a new sense or in some cases lack thereof of artistic freedom. It is no longer a matter of identifying the genre and then moving along with the idea. Today’s global world will continue to embark and expand to involve all who are part of this world to be within the grasp of criticism or acclaim.
This categorizing and boxing up is now becoming obsolete as more and more works show...
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Philosophers, psychologists and educationists have attempted to approach and analyse the issues of childhood from either their socio-cultural perspectives or from their respective disciplines (Richards & Light, 1986; Burman, 1994a; Woodhead, 1999). A look at the theories suggests that the concept of childhood and the position of children has evolved down the ages into a child or childhood-centric view. In the research works of both Elizabeth Coates from the discipline of Education and Wataru Takei from Psychology, the child-centric model of research is apparent. This aspect of their research has not only made it interesting but at the same time palpable.
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Marsupial species including diprotodons and a giant reptile, the Megalania, a goanna species measuring up to 7 meters in length, disappeared within a relatively short time. Australia suffered greater extinction rates than other continents with an estimate of over 85% of all vertebrates over a bodyweight of 40 kilograms becoming extinct (Roberts et al, 2001).
Australian megafauna during the Pleistocene included marsupial mammals, birds, and reptiles, with marsupial herbivores weighing up to 1,500 kilograms. Kangaroo species reached weights of up to 1,000 kilograms and the largest bird, Geyornis newton, weighed an estimated 100 kg (Hiscock, 2008).
The tendency to evolve into larger species (gigantism) is a product of natur...
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Why Evolution is True

Evidently, the nine chapters augment each other as they exhibit a coherent discussion of the available evidence in support of evolution. A close analysis of this book reveals that the theory of evolution has faced immense criticism, but has demonstrated resilience over the years. The idea proposed by Darwin forms the basis of the arguments presented in this book, although the author expands the ideas in a bid to persuade the reader into recognizing the existing evidence in support of evolution. This paper will present a review of each chapter in the book, highlighting the main ideas presented by the author.
Prior to the first chapter, the author offers a preface that serves to invite the reader to an intriguing reading experien...
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