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Is Evolution True - Term Paper Example

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The paper “Is Evolution true?” explains how new species split off from old existing lineages, the common features and differences of different species. New species are thought to have originated from a common branch and ultimately from one original ancestor…
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Is Evolution True
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Download file to see previous pages New species are thought to have originated from a common branch and ultimately from one original ancestor. Coyne believes that different mixtures of genes are reproduced more effectively than others due to the varying abilities of organisms to survive and give birth in a common, shared environment. It is important to remember that only fittest organisms adapt and survival in particular environments. By saying that evolution is true, Coyne means that the central propositions of the theory of evolution are always true. In addition, he also means that these propositions should be always accepted as true because of the increasingly decisive evidence available. The word ‘theory’ is used by many biologists on evolution but this does not necessarily mean that evolution is a mere theoretical speculation, as applied by many scientists. The word evolution represents a well thought out group of propositions that explain and substantiate the facts about the world and the people living in it (Coyne, 2009).
In the first chapter, Coyne talks about the basic conceptual framework on evolutionary theory and tries to clarify common misconceptions about the reality of science and how science works as well as the creationist misuse of the ‘theory’. The second chapter is very much brief and talks about the fossil evidence of evolution and gives out examples on the same. Such examples include the origin of tetrapods. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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