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Workaholic and time perception - Essay Example

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Workaholics and time perception
The challenge of workaholism is one that largely goes unnoticed and unexamined in many organizations and especially in the smaller and medium sized enterprises. …
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Workaholic and time perception
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Workaholic and time perception

Download file to see previous pages... The challenge of workaholism is one that largely goes unnoticed and unexamined in many organizations and especially in the smaller and medium sized enterprises. This is largely because it is seen as a problem that affects high powered executives in highly competitive and large organizations. Despite research that has shown that workaholism is a problem that affects not just employees in highly competitive where upward mobility is a major factor of life, not enough has been done to deal with this problem in the smaller firms or at the lower echelons of professional and non-professional employment. There is also a lack of simple and effective tools for assessing the problem in an organization and addressing it before it gets to be too big or at least flagging its existence or danger of its existence at an organization. This document shows a way of quickly assessing the problem of workaholism in an organization and ways of addressing it immediately. This process will enable an organization’s staff to quickly test the existence of the problem of workaholism in all levels of the organization, assess the size and prevalence of the problem and also suggests ways of addressing it. It utilizes the results of similar studies that have established the best tools for investigating the disorder as well as the most recognized and widely used ways to combat it that have been developed n many parts of the world. Background? A workaholic can be described as a person for whom work has become such a consuming habit that it interferes with their health, interpersonal relationships and their ability to cope socially. Workaholism is often never diagnosed as in today’s world, hard work is valued and those who work hard are viewed as just being “enthusiastic” workers to be admired rather than looked upon as being “sick”. People actually find it admirable to be described as workaholics. Those who suffer from relationships with people who are workaholics usually find it hard to come forward and so usually the problem goes unreported and unresolved until it’s too late and the workaholism has taken its toll on relationships, social interactions, family life and even physical health. Often workaholism is never recognized for the potentially debilitating disorder that it can be, sometimes with devastating impact on the person concerned, their relatives, friends and colleagues. The key to resolving workaholism related symptoms, as with all other types of addictions is recognizing the signs of it and for the person to admit that they do have a problem. One of the major hallmarks of workaholism is that despite the appearance and perception of hard work, workaholics have one major commonality – their work is rarely ever well done. There are four different types of workaholism. The bulimic workaholic often wait for “perfect” conditions to begin a task so they delay getting started on a task then find they have to rush to complete it on time, the result being hurried, sloppily done work. Relentless workaholics get an adrenaline rush from taking on too much work which they end up doing too fast for it to have any thoughtful, meaningful results. Attention deficit workaholics often attack a task with a lot of activity and then lose interest in the details or follow through part of it. The final group, the savoring workaholics are very slow and perfectionists. They often will not be able to complete tasks on time since it’s not perfect yet. Literature review There have been a lot of studies done in the area of workaholism. There have been studies done looking at all angles of the workaholism problem, such as its adverse impacts on marital and types of relationships and productivity at work (Bakker, Demerouti & Burke, 2013). The effects of workaholism on the nature, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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This was done by telling the participants that they would be given 5 (time flies), 7. 5 (normal) or 10 (time drags) min., despite the actual duration being 7. 5 min. At the end of the task, they were asked to answer a questionnaire, which measured attention and time perception.
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Likewise, the following tasks were required to be performed: Step 1: Access the following website: http://psych.hanover.edu/Krantz/sen_tut.html Step 2: Choose one of the perception topics from the site and work through the tutorial. Step 3: Write a one page summary of the topic chosen in Step 2.
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Annotated Bibliography: Workaholics
In so doing, it has become important for companies to create programs to help their employees maintain their work-life balance. Employee engagement is also particularly important as companies strive for higher productivity and efficiency while at the same time maintaining a high degree of customer satisfaction (Allen, 2013).
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Lab Report on a Correlational Study (EPQ & Time Perception)
The resultant individual scores and time taken to answer the questions were then statistically analyzed and used to determine the correlation between EPQ score (extraversion) and time perception. It was concluded that the results were consistent with Eyesenk’s prediction.
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Individual Development Paper
Out of the five aspects of emotional intelligence namely Self awareness, Managing emotions, Motivating oneself, Recognizing emotions in others ( empathy) and Handling relationships, "empathy is the fundamental "people skill"", Goleman (2005). I hope to manage my business and my life better by learning to be more empathetic.
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Personality and Time Perception
In such situations small variations in behavior can have dramatic consequences, both positive and negative. A contextual theory suggests that situations which induce stress for an individual diverts their attention resources and so inhibits optimum cognitive functioning.
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Psychology (A Field Guide to the Workaholic)
They seldom find time for any other aspect of their life. For them, work is life and vice versa. They treat work as worship. Such persons often feel uneasy at social places. Why they feel so It is because they are over obsessed with their work. They keep imagining their work and office all the while.
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The acquisition of desirable leadership traits does not only stem from learning about the positive qualities of a leader, but is a continuous process of learning,
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Case study
There lies a clear connection between the personality type and the satisfaction determinants. Some employees are happy with low work pressure, whereas other workaholic employees feel comfortable around a busy and hectic schedule. This study
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