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Analytical Skills for Community Organization Practice - Assignment Example

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The assignment presents researchers who can choose from several methods of conducting research. There are two main methods that are most commonly used to conduct research. These methods include the quantitative and the qualitative method performing any research…
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Analytical Skills for Community Organization Practice
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Download file to see previous pages Qualitative research is categorized as studies conducted in order to gain an understanding of phenomenon based on their environment and their interaction with the environment. Another important feature of this research is that those conducting the study have to make their own effort to collect as well as analyze data. These studies are based on observations so the researcher has to himself visit the settings in order to observe constructs and their behaviors (Tracy, 2013).
This form of research is conducted for inductive purposes. This means that this type of research helps in developing theories as well as the hypothesis that is used in further researches. For example, a study was conducted by Heslehurst et al. in which the researchers tried to understand the perception of healthcare practitioner’s regarding ways through which maternity services can be further developed (Heslehurst, 2011). For this study, the researchers personally interviewed 30 participants and they identified that maternity services can further be developed in order to counter obesity among pregnant women by increasing communication between private and public healthcare organizations.
There are major differences in the characteristics of both qualitative as well as quantitative researches. The quantitative ones are objective in nature and the qualitative ones are subjective and the quantities ones try to answer the question of how strong is the connection between environment and the phenomenon, while the qualitative ones only focus on why the phenomenon occurred and the definition of the phenomenon. The quantities ones focus on identifying whether the theory developed through qualitative research is true or false. The outcomes of the study in quantities are based on statistical tools, while in a qualitative study the outcome is interpreted by the researcher. For example, a quantitative study was conducted by Van den Broeck et al. in which the statistical tools of correlation was used to identify what motivated workaholics to work extremely and impulsively. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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